Abubakar, APC drag Mohammed to Supreme Court after losing appeal 


Rukayat Akanbi, Bauchi

The immediate past governor of Bauchi state, Mohammad Abubakar Abdullahi and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that it has resolved to approach the apex court to challenge the ruling of the appellate court that upheld the victory of the incumbent Governor Bala Mohammed on November 29.

Court of Appeal that sat in Jos, Plateau state capital last week Friday had ruled in favour of Bala Mohammed and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as duly elected governor and dismissed the prayers of the appellants –APC and Abubakar for lacking merit.

However, the state chairman of the Party, Uba Nana while reacting yesterday after a stakeholders meeting said the party’s intention to challenge judgement was to reclaim its mandate at he apex court.

He said: “The judgment has been passed yesterday, we have received it. We are studying it and we are taking the next line of action. We will be heading to the Supreme Court. The case will terminate at the Supreme Court by the special grace of God,” he said.

Governor Bala Mohammed had appealed to his opponent to accept the judgement as will of God. He said: “This election was won clearly, the electorate who voted for me were not only members of PDP but voters from across the different parties. It is victory from God to the entire citizens of Bauchi State who groan under the stress of 7 months ordeal as they watch us in and out of several courts,” he said.

He called on political gladiators to sheath swords and spear a thought for the “less privileged, socially vulnerable, the poor and the weak who groan under the yoke of poverty by the day.

“As we rejoice, let us not forget that our victory will only make sense when every Bauchi child of school age is in the classroom; when every school leaver is productively engaged; when every pregnant woman has the reasonable assurance that she will not die at child birth; rural folks feel empowered.”