Abiodun: We’ll complete new Hospital Road, Ogijo in three months

…promises to address two-year electricity blackout in the community

The Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, on Thursday, assured the
residents of Hospital Road, Ogijo and the environs in Sagamu Local Government Area of the state, that the key township road would be complete in the next three months.

According to the governor, residents and motorists plying the road would soon experience succour, comfort and economic boom as the road which was not in place until it was awarded for construction by his administration would be completed in the record time

Abiodun gave the assurance while speaking with newsmen shortly after inspecting work done so far on the 1.5 kilometres road.

He noted that the choice of the road in the usual style of his administration was to ensure inclusiveness.

Abiodun while noting that the road which practically did not exist until it was awarded for construction was not a reconstruction, but a construction of a new road, saying that it would be an injustice to call the project a reconstruction.

“My desire is to ensure that in the next 90 days, this road is completed. We are going to have a total of 85mm of asphalt – we will have 35 that will be binding course and then 50 that will be wearing course.

“I don’t have a doubt that when this road is completed, it will bring a lot of relief and improve the living and livelihood of all our citizens living in Ogijo,” he said.

On the complaints by some of the residents of the area that the axis had been total in the last two years, Governor Abiodun said that he would be putting together a committee that would comprise the Special Adviser on Energy and members of the Bureau of Electrical Services(BEES), members of the CDC, CDA in Ogijo, the traditional ruler of the town, the contractor, the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) that would be the overseeing committee for the project.

Abiodun, while commending the community for taking it upon themselves to tackle the issue of lack of electricity in their community, disclosed that the money spent would be refunded by his administration.

“The issue of electricity supply has also been brought to my attention and you know I don’t make empty promises, I have consulted with the Kabiyesi and he haf explained to me steps that have been taken so far.

“But most importantly, I am very impressed that the community took it upon themselves to tax themselves and contribute towards the supply of some of the materials for the project. I have told Kabiyesi that we will refund their money back to the community.

“Now, what I have decided today is to ensure that the job is done and the quality is assured. I have decided to put together a committee, the committee will comprise of my Special Adviser on Energy and members of the Bureau of Electrical Services, members of the CDC, CDA here, the Kabiyesi, the contractor, the IBEDC, they will be the overseeing committee to ensure that this project is implemented in line with the standard that is expected, they will also ensure that it is implemented and completed on time.

“The community has demonstrated responsibility, sincerity of purpose and also shown that they are in partnership with the government and that they are ready to live up to the expectation of their partnership. I am impressed with this community because this is a community that one can trust that when we provide services for the people here, the community will in turn be responsible to look after those services,” the governor said.

Abiodun who also noted that he has no doubt that when electricity is finally restored in the community, the residents would pay their bills and also be responsible with its utilisation, urged them to always ensure that the drainage provided alongside the road project is well maintained.

While informing the residents that the width of the road will be maintained till the end of the project, he urged the contractor handling the project to ensure they meet up with the deadline of 90 days given to the company.

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