5G network has no significant health effect on populace- Researcher


By Ogaga Ariemu

As telecommunications experts and stakeholders continue to reel out their perspectives on furore linking 5G network and Covid-19 pandamic, leading telecom researcher at the University of Ilorin, Dr Nasir Faruk has assured Nigerians that 5G network has no significant health effect on populace.

This, he stated in a telephone interview speaking on the controversy surrounding the 5G network deployment in Nigeria, Dr Faruk explained that the background radiation of 5G networks as the result of its operating frequency has harmless ionising effect on the environment since it falls within the non ionizing radiation.

He explained that 5GNR (New Radio) is expected to utilize the Frequency Range 1 (FR1) which is  already been utilized by the LTE system across the country and there was no any report of radiation poisoning.

Accordingly, he said the FR2 is particularly attractive in making the microwave links viable for the large scale deployment that will be needed. Further stated that the 24 GHz is not a new band of operation, as the Satellites KA band operates within the 24-40 GHz which is common amongst Nigeria.

He therefore urged the federal Government  to carry-out a simple localised experiment in order to validate its position regarding the exposure limits of the background radiation.

Supporters of the wireless technology are optimistic that it will deliver lightning-quick mobile data speeds with virtually unlimited capacity, blanket cities with high-quality Internet access, provide low bandwidth IoT(Internet of things) connections to billions of devices, and even enable autonomous.