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2023: Tinubu is wealth creator, Nigeria needs him badly — Keyamo



…Says his achievements in Lagos enough to woo youths

By Gbenga Olaseinde and Ariemu Ogaga

Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Mr Festus Keyamo, SAN has disclosed that the All Progressives Party (APC) presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a wealth creator, adding that if elected as Nigeria president in the forthcoming elections, he will take the country out of the woods.

He also stated that without Tinubu, Nigeria’s democracy would have been grounded by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

This is as Keyamo disclosed that the colossal successes achieved by Tinubu while he was the Governor of Lagos State is enough to get the support of Nigerian youths for the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Movement.

Keyamo, who doubles as the Spokesperson of APC presidential campaign, stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigerian NewsDirect on Thursday in Abuja.

He explained that Tinubu will put in place necessary policies which will facilitate Nigeria’s infrastructural, agriculture and economic developments.

The legal luminary advocated that Tinubu is the most competent presidential aspirant with the requisite credentials to transform Nigeria, while urging voters to query the lies dished out by politicians as 2023 presidential election draws closer.

He added that Tinubu is a political, economic genius and as such, all Nigerian voters should embrace him.

In his words, “The manifesto will be released and you will know exactly some of the specific issues. I mean on a micro level each of this points.

“Asiwaju Tinubu is a wealth creator. He’s an expert in wealth creation and what the country badly needs now is about wealth creation. If someone who turned around the fortune of Lagos and the revenue of Lagos. Some people said the debt of Lagos also went up. Yes of course, debt going up is an indication that you are now become credit worthy. With that heavy debt, no creditor is complaining.

“It is a different thing if creditors are complaining but when people are now dashing you money and begging you to come and take, it shows highest level of credit worthiness. This is because of your capacity and response. So that is a credit to us. The debt we are talking about is a credit to us not a minus. It shows the highest level of confidence that creditors now have in Lagos State so he’s a wealth creator and that is his strongest point and like I said will be in the manifesto.

“And you can see people laughing at his manifesto and that is a real. He talks about Cassava and Agbado and that is staple food. He’s talking about Agriculture already. Do you want him to talk pizza or Burger, is that what you want him to mention. These are staple food in Nigeria. Cassava is Garri, Agbado is grains and this is going to solve our food problems. This is what we eat. If you ask me what will I eat, I will tell you it is cassava and agbado and what else because these are our national Food. When the bakers where complaining, they have to switch to cassava bread. If you think we should stop promoting our local food which is Cassava and Agbado, it is a big lie we need to teach our young people this.”

He went further to say, “For those who were not born or matured enough during the time Asiwaju was the governor of Lagos State, or for who did not experience how Lagos was before. I see a lot of people now, some young people who cannot enjoy night life in their states, who cannot enjoy good road in their states, they run to Lagos. They go to the club in the night without hindrance and they are abusing Tinubu from the club in that night life.

“It is an irony because you are in a state where you are living in peace. You are abusing someone who is the father and architect of modern Lagos. I’m sure you know how Lagos was with insecurity in the late 1990s, you know the problem at that time in Lagos. At a time robbery in Lagos was a common thing as well as chaotic traffic in Lagos.

“I have said this once and I will say it again that Asiwaju reminds me of a blacksmith who toils and toils and trains his child to university, pays his fees and after the child graduates, he turns back to ask his father why his hand is so black and rough. That is what Yoruba call omo ale (a bastard) You turned back and abuse those who made it possible for you to be great.

“Without Tinubu, we will have a one party state today. Tell the younger ones that at a point, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wiped out all the parties in the south, and Tinubu fought hard to keep only Lagos. At that point, PDP said on a platter of gold that he should come to PDP so that he won’t face problem,” he added.

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Hardship: FG kicks off N100bn consumer credit scheme



…Civil servants to benefit in first phase

By Grace Olatundun

The Federal Government of  Nigeria has kicked  off the N100 billion Consumer Credit Scheme for Nigerians as a tool to alleviate the escalating economic hardship in the country.

In a press statement on Wednesday by the President’s spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, he disclosed that interested Nigerians are expected to visit the portal of Nigerian Consumer Credit Corporation before May 15, 2024.

The President noted that the “consumer credit serves as the lifeblood of modern economies, enabling citizens to enhance their quality of life by accessing goods and services upfront, paying responsibly over time. It facilitates crucial purchases, such as homes, vehicles, education, and healthcare, which are essential for ongoing stability and the pursuit of their aspirations.

“Individuals build credit histories through responsible repayment, unlocking more opportunities for a better life. The increased demand for goods and services also stimulates local industry and job creation.”

The President stated further that every hardworking Nigerian should have access to social mobility, with consumer credit playing a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

“The Nigerian Consumer Credit Corporation (CREDICORP) achieves its mandate through the following: Strengthening Nigeria’s credit reporting systems and ensuring every economically active citizen has a dependable credit score. This score becomes personal equity they build, facilitating access to consumer credit, Offering credit guarantees and wholesale lending to financial institutions dedicated to broadening consumer credit access today and Promoting responsible consumer credit as a pathway to an improved quality of life, fostering a cultural shift towards growth and financial responsibility.

“In line with the President’s directive to expand consumer credit access to Nigerians, the Nigerian Consumer Credit Corporation (CREDICORP) has launched a portal for Nigerians to express interest in receiving consumer credit.

“This initiative, in collaboration with financial institutions and cooperatives nationwide, aims to broaden consumer credit availability.

“Working Nigerians interested in receiving consumer credit can visit to express interest. The deadline is May 15, 2024.

“The scheme will be rolled out in phases, starting with members of the civil service and cascading to members of the public,” the statement read.

Recall that two months ago, a presidential spokesman, Bayo Onanuga, announced that the Federal Executive Council had given the nod for the establishment of the Consumer Credit Scheme.

He said the President’s Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila, will lead a committee that includes the Budget Minister, Attorney-General, and Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Finance to make the scheme a reality.

In March, the Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service Chairman, Zacch Adedeji, said the Nigerian government would unveil its proposed N100 billion consumer credit loan in a few days.

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EFCC goes after PtoP operators, hands over 14 forfeited properties to Enugu Govt



The Economic and Financial Crimes  Commission (EFCC) has commenced a clampdown on users of Peer to Peer platforms for foreign exchange transactions.

Speaking at a meeting with media executives in Abuja on Tuesday, Chairman of the EFCC, Mr Ola Olukoyede disclosed that the EFCC,  in its bid to ensure the safety and stability of the foreign exchange market, has uncovered a new fraudulent scheme called P to P (peer to peer) trading scheme.

The platform, according to him, is operating outside  the official banking and financial corridors with more than 300 (three hundred) accounts linked to it already frozen by the EFCC.

He reaffirmed the commitment of the Commission to the economic growth and development of the country,  promising that the EFCC would not relent in the exercise of its mandate.

He also revealed that the Commission has recovered more than N120 billion from fraudsters within six months and secured more than 1300 convictions.

Meanwhile, the EFCC has also handed over 14 properties initially forfeited to the Federal government to the government of Enugu State.

The transfer of the properties to Enugu State governor, Dr Peter Mba was performed by the EFCC Chairman at the corporate headquarters of the Commission.

Speaking before the brief handover ceremony, Olukoyede who disclosed that the road to the forfeiture dated back to 2007, stated that event spoke of the mutually beneficial relationship  existing  between the federal government and states.

“What we are witnessing today testifies to a symbiotic relationship that should exist between the federal government and the state governments. The essence of our meeting here today is for us to handover properties that were forfeited to the federal government, which of course belong to Enugu State people back to the people. It shows that governance can work in Nigeria. Our people deserve the benefits of good governance and that is what is being evidenced here today.”

Speaking further, he said, “If you look at the history of this particular matter, it takes us back to 2007 when we started the prosecution. So we are looking at about 17 years since the matter has been on.

“Eventually some of the properties were forfeited and since then, the EFCC has been managing those properties even though the titles of quite a number of the properties have been revoked by the Enugu State government. What we are witnessing here today is the official handing over of the properties to the people of Enugu State through His Excellency, Dr Peter Mba,” Olukoyede said.

Earlier in his remarks, Governor Ubah expressed gratitude for the  handover and thanked the EFCC chair and the Commission for ensuring that the people of his state reclaimed their common patrimony.

“I would like to express my profound gratitude for the event we are witnessing today. The importance and significance of this event can never be lost on us and we do not also take it for granted.

“So I want to take this opportunity to convey my profound gratitude and deep appreciation to the chairman and members of the EFCC team that have brought us to where we are today.

“This is a journey that began several years ago and we are marking a formal closure to that journey here today.  A journey that saw the successful prosecution of certain companies in possession of assets belonging to the people of Enugu State.”

The Governor who noted that the properties were forfeited not to his state but to the federal government expressed gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for making it possible for them to be returned to the government and people of Enugu State.

“Those assets were forfeited to the federal government. And this brings me to another gratitude that I want to convey here today. I want to acknowledge and recognise the important role played by the President, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Without the proactiveness and speed at which he acted on our request to cede these assets back to the people and government of Enugu State, we wouldn’t have been here today. So I want to thank him most sincerely for granting our request for these assets that were forfeited to the federal government to be ceded back to Enugu State.”

He lauded Olukoyede’s initiatives at making the EFCC a strong institution and cautioned against attempts by some individuals to distract the Commission.

“I will not end this remark without acknowledging the work the EFCC chairman is doing in strengthening this very important institution. It is important that we do not weaken our institutions.

“Whatever we do in governance is transient. So I want to commend him for the efforts he is making in ensuring that this very important institution, the EFCC is strengthened. Thank you very much for all the great work you and your team are doing and particularly for the effort that you have put in to make today a reality,” the Governor stated.

The properties comprise houses, transmission equipment for radio and television stations, a building for medical operations, among others.

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MRS considers voluntary delisting from NGX, to hold EGM



The management of MRS Oil Nigeria Plc is considering voluntary delisting from the Nigerian Exchange.

The company has called for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to make the decisions on the share buyback and voluntary delisting.

The EGM is scheduled to hold at the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos, on May 21, 2024, at 11:00 am according to a corporate disclosure made by the company.

The corporate disclosure reads that the company will meet to transact the following special business:

“To consider, and if thought fit, pass, with or without modification, the following sub-joined resolutions as special resolutions:

“That the voluntary delisting of all the Company’s issued shares from the daily official list of Nigerian Exchange Limited (the ‘Voluntary Delisting’) be and is hereby approved on such terms and conditions (including but not limited to the timing of implementation, arrangements for dissenting shareholders (if any) and the fulfilment of specific conditions precedent to effectiveness (if any), that the Board of Directors of the Company deems appropriate in connection with the Voluntary Delisting; and subject to obtaining all requisite regulatory approvals.

 ”That the Memorandum and Articles of Association (“MemArts”) of the Company be and are hereby amended to authorize the Company to undertake a share buyback and share capital reduction.

“That the Company be and is hereby authorised to undertake a share buyback and share capital reduction in connection with any of its issued shares that may be purchased from dissenting shareholders where necessary as a consequence of the Voluntary Delisting; on such terms and conditions, in such volumes and at such times as the Board deems fit; subject to, and in accordance with, applicable laws and regulations.

“That the company’s MemArts be amended upon completion of the share buyback and share capital reduction to reflect the updated share capital.

“That upon conclusion of the Voluntary Delisting, and whilst the Company remains a public limited liability company, the Board be and is hereby authorised to take all such action as may be required to admit the Company’s shares on the NASD OTC Securities Exchange to ensure that dealings in the Company’s shares are implemented in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rules on Trading in Unlisted Securities.

“That the Board be and is hereby authorised to take all such lawful actions and steps (including but not limited to entering into/executing such agreements and documents, appointing professional advisers and other parties, and complying with directives of any regulatory authority) deemed necessary to give full effect to the above-referenced resolutions.

“That the Company Secretary be and is hereby authorised to make all such filings, take all necessary lawful actions and/or steps to give effect to the above-referenced resolutions and comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

“A member of the Company entitled to attend and vote at the EGM is entitled to appoint a proxy in his/her/its stead. A proxy need not be a member of the Company. It is important to ensure that all proxy documents are properly stamped by the Commissioner of Stamp Duties and deposited at the Registrar’s Office, First Registrars and Investor Services before the EGM commences.”

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