2023: ICA insists presidency must go to South East


By Abba – Eku Onyeka, Abuja

As the 2023 presidential elections approaches, the Abuja factional president of Igbo Community Assembly (ICA), Hon Leonard Ezenwa Ebo urges other ethnic nationalities to support Igbo presidency from the south eastern part of the country, come 2023.

Justifying his call in a  recent written statement he made available to journalists in Abuja, Ebo said the presidency was zoned between the north and the south. He added that since the south west and the south south had done their turn, when it was zoned to south, it would be the turn of the south east, since it is the turn of south come 2023.

“At the Constituent Assembly in 1997, it was agreed that power rotated between North and South, but what was left undecided was how each of the geopolitical zones would have its turn. After the eight years of Obasanjo from the South West, power went to North and after two years of late President Musa Ya’aradua, power went to south and former President Goodluck Jonathan from south south ruled for six years.

“After Jonathan’s tenure, power was rotated to the north and it was left for north west to complete their tenure, then President Muhammad Buhari emerged from the zone. After eight years of Buhari, it will be the turn of South and this time, the South East, because they have the greatest claim to the presidency in 2023 more than any other geopolitical zone in the South,” he justified.

Still making his points, the ICA boss said: “The Igbo have contributed to the economic and political development of this country more than other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. They are found everywhere and their investment outside Igbo land exceeds the ones within Igbo land. While the Yoruba regard Lagos and Ibadan as their homes and the Hausa regard Kaduna and Kano as theirs, the Igbo see everywhere as their home.

“The Igbo have been the most committed Nigerian patriots. They easily integrate themselves into any community and invest in its development. Unfortunately, while the Igbo have been doing these, they are treated as second citizens in Nigeria. Nigerians want the Igbo to remain in the country without equal citizenship right. This is the time to know their faith in Nigeria.”

Leonard Ebo therefore said that the age of domination, oppression and marginalisation has gone, even as he added that the presidential election of 2023 would show the world if Nd’Igbo weren’t Nigerians. He informed that every Igbo personality were behind the recent 2023 World Igbo Summit at Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Abuja that asked: “If not Igbo man or woman; if not 2023, then when; if not here  in Nigeria, then where?

At the summit, he quoted its first  edition chairman, General Yakubu Gowon (Rtd), as saying that God didn’t make mistake to create Nd’igbo in Nigeria, even as he also quoted him as pointing out that the Igbo have been marginalized in Nigeria. Ebo therefore said every other Nigerian who spoke at the occasion admitted that Nd’igbo were marginalized, just as he disclosed that sons and daughters from the ethnic group wouldn’t accept the position of number two citizens again, adding that presidency will assuage Nd’igbo’s feelings. of marginalisation.

Urging the five governors of the zone to summon a leadership conference for their sons and daughters, irrespective of political affiliation for a way forward, he said Nd’Igbo should move as a united family, so as to provide a united front, even as be faulted in its entirety the move for the registration of Ohaneze Worldwide by some group, just as he regarded them as enemies of Ndigbo.