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2023 election results not affected by technical glitch – INEC



The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says the glitch experienced in uploading the result of the 2023 presidential election to its results viewing portal, didn’t affect the credibility of the election.

The commission stated this in the comprehensive 2023 General Election Report released on Friday in Abuja, saying that the 2023 general election was generally peaceful and orderly nationwide.

It however, said that a key challenge that impacted on the public perception of the election and elicited widespread commentary was the failure to upload Polling Unit (PU) results of the presidential election to the INEC Result Viewing (IReV) portal in real-time at the close of the polls on Saturday Feb. 25, 2023.

INEC described IReV portal as one of the most significant innovations introduced prior to the 2023 general election to promote the integrity and transparency of the electoral process, showing the images of the original Polling Unit result sheets as recorded in Form EC8A.

The system was first deployed during Nasarawa Central State Constituency by election in August 2020 and tested in 105 subsequent elections, including three off-cycle governorship election.

The report said that the system had tremendously improved public confidence in the integrity and transparency of the Commission’s result management process.

It however, said that challenge of uploading the PU presidential election results on the IReV after the presidential and National Assembly election on Feb. 25, 2023 was unique.

It stated that the commission began to receive reports around 4p. m., across the country that attempts to upload presidential election result sheets was failing.

“Following these reports, the Commission immediately engaged with its field officials for details in order to understand, and trace the origin, source, scale and magnitude of the problem across the result management ecosystem to devise appropriate solutions.

“In the troubleshooting process, it was established that there was no issue in uploading the PU result sheets of the Senate and House of Representatives elections through the Election Result Modules.

“However, there was a problem with uploading the presidential election results to the system,” it stated.

The report added that attempts to upload the results were generating internal server errors, which refer to a significant impairment that usually originate from within an application due to problems relating to configuration, permissions, or failure to create or access application resources correctly.

“Further interrogation of the Election Result Modules indicated that the system is encountering an unexpected configuration problem in mapping the presidential election results uploaded into the system to the participating Polling Units.

“Due to the complex, sensitive and critical nature of the systems and the real potential for malicious cyberattacks, the commission immediately put in place several strict security and audit control measures to prevent any unfettered or elevated access to the result upload system.

“In the process of resolving the challenge, it was discovered that the backend system of the IReV was able to query and detect the base States for uploading the PU result sheets.

“Based on the mapping of all Senatorial District and Federal Constituency elections to the respective 36 States of the Federation and the FCT as established in the database structure deployed within the system.”

“In configuring and mapping the election results for the presidential and NASS elections, the Commission created 470 election types consisting of one presidential constituency covering the entire country, 109 Senatorial Districts and 360 Federal Constituencies.

“Each Senatorial District and Federal Constituency election on the database was mapped to their respective States.

“However, the presidential election result is a single, countrywide constituency and therefore, does not belong to any one state.

“Consequently, while the uploads for the NASS elections succeeded as the application was able to identify the respective State and build the folder hierarchy for the results organisation process for the election, attempts to upload the presidential election results sheets, which does not belong to or mapped to any state on the database, failed”.

“Instead, it returned a HTTP server error response. This failure is attributable to the inability of the application to create and build a folder structure to organize the uploaded images of the result sheets of the presidential election.”

The report said that having identified and established the source of the problem, INEC quickly created and deployed “Hotfixes” which were software updates for fixing a bug or any vulnerabilities in a system.

It added that the deployed hotfixes eventually resolved the HTTP error on the system and the first presidential election result sheet was successfully uploaded at 8.55pm on the of Feb. 25, 2023.

“After the problem with the upload was resolved, the Commission noticed a high volume of uploads on the queue.

“All results that scanned but could not be uploaded due to the error were queued waiting to be automatically processed.

“Due to the large volume and high traffic from the queue, the system was running slower, even though it tried to scale up automatically to handle the unanticipated heavy traffic.

“The density of the traffic that slowed the uploads was one issue. Another was that the offline queue requires the BVAS devices to be switched-on and connected to the internet for the upload.”

“However, some of the POs had at the time left their PUs, and the devices had either been switched-off, or were out of internet coverage. Switched-off devices could not connect and upload the results sheets.

“The Commission had to reach out to the POs of affected areas to switch-on their systems and ensure internet connectivity for the uploads to continue.

“This accounted for the delay, with some of the results coming in the next day.”

It added that the glitch experienced in uploading the scanned images of PU presidential election result sheets on the election day was due to the inherent complexity within the system, which was difficult to anticipate and mitigate.

The report stated that thereafter, INEC made improvements on the IReV and taken additional steps to build more resilience.

It stated that INEC also undertook additional checks to ensure the stability and optimal operation and performance of the IReV portal.

It added that additional quality assurance checks are now done to complement the end-to-end testing of the entire result upload ecosystem before the conduct of any election.

“However, the glitch in the upload of the presidential result sheets to IReV did not affect the credibility of the election.

“Agents of political parties and security agencies were given copies of the polling unit results after they were announced in public.

“The results were also displayed at polling units for scrutiny by voters. Therefore, when they were eventually uploaded, it was easy to compare them with the copies displayed at polling units and given to the party agents and party officials, “ it stated.

It also said that the 2023 general election produced the most diverse outcome in recent Nigerian electoral history in terms of party representation in executive and legislative elections nationwide.

The report indicated that four political parties produced state governors, seven secured senatorial seats, eight won federal constituencies and nine in state seats.

It stated that a granular analysis of the results and performance of the leading parties across the country affirmed the diversity.

It added that performance of the four leading political parties – APC, LP, PDP and NNPP – in the presidential election across the six zones in respect of the required 25 per cent threshold to win a state in a presidential election as shown in table 9.6.

This, the report said, clearly attested to the integrity of both the process and outcome.

According to the table in the North Central; the APC scored North Central 1,760,993 votes representing 38.58 per cent, while the LP scored 1,415,557 votes representing 31.01 per cent.

Also within the geopolitical zone, PDP polled 1,162,087 votes representing 25.46 percent, while NNPP polled 60,056 votes representing 1.32 per cent.

The table also shown that in the North East APC polled 1,002,577 votes (29.16 per cent),LP-209,459 votes (6.09 per cent), PDP -1,741,846 votes (50.67 per cent), and NNP- 126,343 votes (3.67 per cent).

In the North West, APC scored 2,641,306 votes (39.54 per cent), LP-350,182 votes (5.24 per cent), PDP-2,329,540 votes (34.87 per cent), and NNPP-1,268,250 (18.98 per cent).

For South East it also indicated that APC polled 127,605 votes (5.71 per cent), LP-1,960,589 (87.79 per cent), PDP-91,198 (4.08 per cent) and NNPP-8,227 (0.37 per cent).

In the South-South APC garnered 799,957 votes (27.99 per cent) LP-1,210,675 votes (42.37 per cent), PDP -717,908 votes (25.12 per cent), while NNPP scored 17,167 votes (representing 0.60 per cent).

For the South West, the table also indicated that APC got 2,279,407 votes ( 53.59 per cent), LP- 849,423 votes (19.97 per cent) , PDP-941,941 votes (22.14 per cent), and NNPP 16,644 votes

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We’ve not been served with Ganduje’s suspension order – APC



Prof. Abdulkarim Kana, the National Leader Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC) says the party has yet to be served with the order of the Kano State High Court suspending Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, the Chairman of the party from office.

Kana said this when he spoke with newsmen at the party’s National Secretariat on Wednesday in Abuja.
He said that the judgement was faulty in many ways.

“We heard this afternoon, but we have not seen any court order, they used the same fraudulent document in court.
“But whatever kind of order that will emanate from such judgement is an unlawful order because it is obtained by fraud.

“The individuals who are behind this are not APC members and not members of the Kano State executive of our party, we don’t know them,” Kana said.

He added the real executives of Dawakin Tofa ward of the party had since disassociated themselves from the purported suspension of Ganduje from the party.

He said the executives were working on plans to petition the National Judicial Council (NJC) over the order, adding that the party’s leadership had also petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to take action on the matter.

Earlier, some executives of the party from Dawakin Tofa visited Ganduje to expressed their dissatisfaction over the matter.

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APC NWC reacts to alleged suspension of N’Chairman, as Party Chieftain, others call Ganduje to step down



A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kano,  Engr. Muaz Magaji Dawakin has advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to withdraw his support from the National Chairman of the APC, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, as his continuous stay as the National Chairman of the party will adversely affect the masses support to the APC-led administration.

Engr. Magaji Dawakin Tofa, former political ally and kinsman of Ganduje, said the former Governor has lost political credibility and should be allowed to resign for new blood to inject fresh air into the APC leadership at the national level.

The APC Chieftain who served as Commissioner for Works during Ganduje’s administration, said even before the suspension of Ganduje by the leadership of Ganduje Ward in Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area, Ganduje’s time to leave the stage as APC National Chairman was long overdue.

According to him, “I know Ganduje very well. He is my kinsman and I served under him as Commissioner. I have never believed that he has required pedigree to serve as APC National Chairman in the first place.

“I am of the opinion that President Tinubu’s administration and the APC as a party need a generational change. People like Ganduje should not only resign, but retire from politics and allow the younger generation with focus to pilot the affairs of the party.

“I read in the news that he has been suspended by the party at the Ward level, I also read that there was a denial of his suspension from the Local Government and state levels. I am not in town. I am a party chieftain, when I return I will find out the bone of contention from both parties, but my take is that Ganduje should voluntarily resign to allow a party to have a new direction.”

Engr. Magaji Dawakin Tofa who said Ganduje should be allowed to defend himself over allegations of bribery and financial misappropriation, insisted that even without such cases against him,  Ganduje was not fit to serve as the National Chairman of APC.

Also reacting to the suspension of Ganduje as the APC National Chairman,  a former leader of the party in Sabon Gari,  Hon. Kingsley Onyekachi Godwin, hailed the leadership of APC in Ganduje Ward for exhibiting the courage to suspend him from the party,  following the gravity of corruption charges levelled against him at the court.

Hon. Kingsley Onyekachi Godwin who revealed that his exit from APC to Labour Party (LP), was as a result of injustice meted to some members,  ”by Ganduje  and his boys during his time as Governor of Kano state,” said in civilised society, people like Ganduje should not be allowed to hold public office after his ‘dirty’  political escapades as Governor of Kano state.

The LP chieftain who was the party’s House of Assembly candidate for Fagge Constituency during the last general election further hailed Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf for setting up the Commission of Inquiry to recover looted government properties in the last administration.

According to him, “Though we are in the Labour Party,  we admire with joy the leadership style exhibited by Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.  We are in total support of his decision to probe the financial dealings of the immediate-past administration, including the recovery of stolen government property.  This shows that he has the interest of the people at heart.

“For the eight to nine months he has been piloting the affairs of Kano state,  Governor Yusuf has shown love and compassion to the people. And I want to use this opportunity to say that we are solidly behind him.  We are closely watching his giant strides in all sectors of the economy, and don’t be surprised to hear our official announcement as part and parcel of his government very soon.”

Reacting also, the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Felix Morka in a statement yesterday described the alleged suspension of the National Chairman as the devious act of a group of impersonators of Ward officials out to cause mischief and create confusion.

The statement read thus: “The attention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been drawn to media reports of the purported suspension of the National Chairman, HE Dr. Abdulahi Umar Ganduje, CON, from the Party by the Executive Committee of the Ganduje Ward in the Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of Kano State.

“The purported suspension was the devious act of a group of impersonators of Ward officials out to cause mischief and create confusion in the otherwise peaceful Ganduje Ward chapter of our Party. The perpetrators of this criminal act are not card carrying members of APC in the Ward but are individuals affiliated with senior officials and representatives of the New Nigeria People Party (NNPP).

“This act procured by officials of the ruling NNPP in Kano is part of the despicable program of political persecution launched by the administration of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf against Dr. Ganduje, a former Governor of Kano state.

“The purported suspension is downright criminal, and of no effect whatsoever. The legitimate Executive Committee of the Ganduje Ward has since denounced the action and reaffirmed Dr. Ganduje as a bonafide member of the Party in the Ward, and in good standing.

“The Party has filed a petition with the Inspector General of Police requesting an expedited investigation of this matter and that the perpetrators and their sponsors be brought to justice. We urge our Party faithful and the general public to disregard reports of the suspension of the National Chairman who is, and remains, the National Chairman of our great Party.”

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APC Ward suspends Abdullahi Ganduje over alleged corruption



By Aminu Garko, Kano

National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has been suspended by executives of his ward in Kano State.

The nine executive members of Ganduje ward, in Dawakin-Tofa LGA Monday announced the suspension of Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje from the party.

Malam Haladu Gwanjo, legal Advice of the party at Ganduje ward accused the former Governor of gross misconduct and misappropriation of public fund during his administration in Kano.

Gwanjo revealed that members resolved to pass a vote of no confidence on the acting National Chairman of the party due to his inability to clear his name from wide range of allegation of corruption particularly the widely celebrated dollar video.

The APC leader at Ganduje ward worried that the party is being subjected to unnecessary embarrassment from the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) over unsubstantiated allegations of corruption lebelled on Ganduje’s administration.

Gwanjo emphasized that Ganduje ward leaders deem it fit to suspend the national chairman to enable him concentrate on the litigation and other inquiry where he (Ganduje) would appropriately clear his image and that of his family.

He explained that because of the political commitment demonstrated by President Tinubu in the ongoing fight against corruption and the seeming baggage of corruption hanging on Ganduje, which already denting the reputation of the APC led federal government.

” We the leaders of the APC in Ganduje ward, Dawakin Tofa Local Government, engaged in thorough deliberations and subsequently decided to suspend the erstwhile Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, in light of the allegations of bribery involving foreign currency.

” It has come to our attention that Ganduje has been summoned to court to answer for these accusations, a development that we believe could potentially besmirch the reputation of our esteemed political party.

This resolution was reached collectively on behalf of all executive members of the APC in Ganduje ward, Dawakin Tofa

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