2019 elections: Politicians must take it easy – Abiara


The former General Evangelist  Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide and Founder of CAC Agbala Itura  Prophet Samuel Abiara, is known for his patriotism and speaking the truth to those in government. In this interview with Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Dr  Samuel Ibiyemi; Nigerian NewsDirect, he speaks on the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen, 2019 general elections and his foundation. Excerpts:

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, was recently suspended by  the President; which attracted wider condemnation from some Nigerians including the government of both the United Kingdom and United States . As a cleric, what is your take?

Thank you very much.  The Bible does not put us in darkness, anything that the authority decides, is final because it is God who puts the leaders in charge of  authority.  So, you cannot judge anybody at all,because God put  the leaders in charge of the authority and the Bible says that we must respect the authority.

Anything the authority decides, is final.  So, you can never blame anybody at all. If the authority decides tomorrow to reverse what they have approved initially, it is okay and if they don’t reverse it, it’s left to them because it’s their authority. So,anything the authority decides, who are we to query the authority.  Our own is to advise the government and the authority.  If they want to do something wrong, we can advise them. We can never command them, but we are in a position to advise them.  In the Bible, they respect the men of God to the King. Even the king in the Bible called the prophet and the man of God before they decide, because they want to hear from God Almighty . So, that is what I can say. So, the masses , the people must respect the voice of the authority. According to Hebrew 13, we must respect the voice of the authority and obey them and pray for them.


There is also a saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now, there has been issue about due process; whether due process was follow in the suspension of the CJN?

Well, like I have said, the Bible doesn’t put us in darkness.  We must follow what the authority decided.  We must not crucify them and we must not blame them according to Bible. So, we must believe, trust and abide for what God has said through  the government.

Some of the politicians have been  talking tough. As a man of God ,  what is your advice for all the presidential candidates, especially PDP and APC on the outcome of the election?

I told many people and journalists when they came to me after my sermon in an address to the nation and I am repeating what I told them that  politicians must take it easy because surely what they are doing now is just only for four years, it’s not for life . They must watch!  What they are saying is hate speech , because election will come and election will go. You know our voice is like an egg. When the egg falls, it can never be gathered together. You know the words of the politician; if they say something bad, 20 years after  they will refer to it. So, they must take it easy.

If God says he will give the power to them, it’s okay. If he says that it is not their turn, they must bear it in the spirit of love. They must not say it is do or die and continue to go to court and  waste  money. They must not do that.

You know the voice of the people is the power of the government.  So, when the people go to the polling station to vote,they must abide and obey the outcome of the election. They must not because of that put fire on the nation. It will soon be their  turn if they can exercise patience. We are praying that whoever God wants, he will put him there. The signature of God is the most important. So, we will continue to pray for the government and for the people. We are praying anyway that peace will reign in our country.

You are one of the few men of God who always have service praying for the country. What has been your motivation for praying for the country despite the political situation?

We will never cease to pray for the masses and the country. As for the Boko Haram,  it is in the Bible that in the last days, there will be a terrible time. But as far as we are concerned, God will take total control of all wicked people this year. Whether wicked people, God has power more than them, but we will not stop to pray. We will continue to pray for Nigeria and we must not listen to bad prophecies of doom.

The future of Nigeria is bright and it is good. So, Nigerians and government must keep their mind at rest and the government must keep their mind at rest. Those who want to manipulate the election, God will deal with them . So, they must be careful.  Whosoever, maybe individual, millionaire, billionaire or may be any other group want to do havoc in this coming election, he or she or other group, will find  the hand of God in anger. That is the will of God. So,  God loves Nigeria and Nigerians must keep their mind at rest.

 You had a program some days ago if I am not mistaken, on Friday.  What was the programme all about?

Thank you.  We told the people that God will do a new thing in Nigeria if they repent from their sins and follow God. This is New Year. We organized this prayer in Lagos purposely because of Nigeria so that the forthcoming election would be okay .

Another prayer took place  in Ibadan the following week and also in Abuja. Our duty is to pray when God reveal on to us something terrible then. We will continue to organize prayer. It is not our ambition to embarrass the nation or embarrass  the government at all. Christ Apostolic Church as a Church, will continue to pray for the peace of Nigeria.

What is your take on young people , as a man of God what’s your opinion about having young people in government in this country?

It is very very very good to accommodate young people, but they must not leave them alone because of experience. We cannot buy experience  in the market. So, if the young people come on board, they must listen to elders because experience is not sold in the market. It is very good for the young people to come onboard, but they must listen to elders. They must not say ‘ yes’ we are now in power; they must listen to elders.

How do you want to sell the idea of Nigerians should take care of one another to the people?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you. By the grace of God, I launched Abiara Foundation recently so that people over the world will know about it. And all the governments, must get involve because we have been praying for the government everyday. So, it is our turn for this  Abiara foundation to receive donation. They need to get involve because it was designed  to help the less privileged people. As you can see on the screen, we give money, we give materials, deep freezer, grinding machine, sewing machine, food and so on.

People are hungry. Many people are hungry, we want to go to remote areas by the grace of God. That is why we demand vehicles as donation to get to the remote areas with foods. We need trailer of rice, trailer of beans and so on to distribute the foods and clothings to people so that Abiara Foundation can take care of the less privileged – the old age people, fatherless and motherless. This foundation will help those who want to go to school with no financial capacity. We need to sponsor them and  give them scholarship. That is why I told the people that they must not eat their food alone, they must not spend their money alone, because whether they like it or not, they are going to die and when they die all their estates in Abuja, Switzerland, Banana Estate and so on will be given to someone else. So, they must learn to give and let people have comfort.