Nigerian military not affected by B’Haram war – Army General


The Nigerian Military has said that the almost decade-old counter terrorism war against the Boko Haram and other terror groups has not taken any toll on the strength or size of the military.

It insisted that despite the loss of men and equipment, due to actions of war, the Military is still unwavering in its commitment to protecting the nation’s sovereignty.

The Coordinator Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche, during an interview with selected journalists in Abuja, stated that equipment and human casualties are normal in military operations and does not imply weakness or exhaustion in any form.

He said that for the Armed Forces, the issue of losing men and equipment is normal and does not reduce the strength of the military, which he said is reinvigorated through commensurate recruitment and enlistment.

According to him, “I didn’t sign the oath of allegiance to defend my country that there will be no challenge or that I will not fight or that I will return to my father and mother after 35 years alive, no I did not take that out, no Military man takes that path.

“No Service Chief will become a Chief and say there will conflict or when there is conflict I will not have equipment or human casualty one way or the other, so it is a normal thing. You can only say that it is taking a toll on the Military when casualties due to actions of war are coming in and there are no replacements.

“Our strength has not reduced in anyway because regular recruitment and enlistment and commissioning of officers is still ongoing. The regular funding and provision of equipment by the government is also still ongoing”.

He however noted that the public may fight it difficult accepting that it is normal to lose men and equipment in operation “but that is the simple truth”.