126mw National grid increase: Nigeria awaits better power supply —  NDPHC


By Joseph Bamigboye

Nigerians await better power supply as the national grid will increase by 126 megawatts (MW) of electricity in after the second gas turbine of the Gbarain Power Station in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state is completed.

According to  Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC)  one of the gas turbines of the Gbarain plant, which was partially completed by Rockson Engineering, has been finally erected and ready to supply power to the grid.

The company also announced that it had started the transmission projects connecting Nkalagu-Abakaliki and other distribution projects in Afikpo where the CSP Transformers on 11KV lines were installed in Enugu State.

The NDPHC manages the National Integrated Power Projects, which is owned by the three tiers of government.

Currently generation of power on Nigeria’s grid  hovers between 4,000MW and 5,000MW, which analysts say needs expansion to drive the industrialisation of Africa’s largest economy.

The Nigerian government has been making efforts to grow its grid capacity to 25,000MW in five years, as the Federal Government and Siemens are currently implementing projects to actualise this.

Managing director, NDPHC, Chiedu Ugbo explained that the award of the Gbarain Power Station project to Rockson Engineering was because Gbarain Power Station is on of the four power stations in Nigerian, therefore high level of expertise is expected.

The Managing Director said “Some of the stations such as Gbarain and Alaoji were partially completed. Some others such as Egbema and Omoku were not completed at all.

Ugbo explained that as the NDPHC board gave  the directive to terminate (the deal), the receiver is Rockson Engineering, it is insolvent.

The board of NDPHC is made up of the governors, four ministers and the vice president who serves as chairman.

Ugbo stated that the NDPHC had terminated the deal with Rockson and was carrying out procurement for some of the stations.

“Before now, at the Gbarain Power Station in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, only one unit of the gas turbine has been erected and in the grid,”

He explained further that it was partially completed under Rockson. For the second unit, the erection has now been completed; so, we are undergoing commissioning now to ensure that it is working and then, we can bring it to the grid.

He buttressed that it will take a few months, maybe two to three months to be on the grid. So in essence, in two to three months’ time,  126MW of power will be added to the Gbarain Power Station.

Speaking Ugbo said that the NDPHC was engaging another contractor to finish the construction of Egbema and Omoku Power Stations.

He disclosed in Abuja that  the NDPHC was in discussions with the Enugu Distribution Company to enhance power supply to the network through the eligible customer arrangement.

He said this step would address the issue of stranded power in the South-east region and ultimately increase revenue to NDPHC.

“The power plant has a name-plate capacity of 252MW. One unit of 126MW is already working; it is the second unit of 126MW that we are completing. This is to happen this year.”