World Hypertension Day: What you need to know


Man is basically a spirit, however, he lives in a body; the responsibility of keeping his house (body) in a sound and healthy state is totally his. We cannot be derelict to our bodily functions because regardless of how articulate our dreams and aspirations for the future are, we still need our physical bodies to take us to that desired future; therefore, the need to stay healthy cannot be overemphasized.

Today, we celebrate World Hypertension Day (WHD): Please don’t get it twisted, we are not celebrating the disease, but the concerted efforts of professionals around this globe we call earth – in ensuring that we (to a very great extent) are able to manage the condition and live healthy lives.

The world hypertension day was first inaugurated on the 14th of May, 2005 by the World Hypertension League (WHL). However, the date was later changed to the 17th of May. Ever since, the day has become a global phenomenon to raise the consciousness of the people to the prevention and management of the disease.

This year’s theme is “Knowledge Number”; its goal is primarily to increase public awareness on the disease and provide necessary medications and medical services to help citizens in controlling the rate of hypertension in the country.

The cause of hypertension may not be known. This type of hypertension is called essential or primary hypertension. Hypertension can sometimes be caused by other medical conditions, such as kidney disease. This type of hypertension is called secondary hypertension.

Regardless of the cause(s) of the disease, your chances of going down with the disease or suffering grave health backlashes will be reduced if you follow the suggestions below:

Check your BP regularly.

Limit sodium (salt) as directed.

Follow the meal plan recommended by your healthcare provider.

Exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

Decrease stress.

Limit alcohol.

Do not smoke.

Manage any other health conditions you have.

Talk with your healthcare provider about these and other ways to manage hypertension.


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