Wike inaugurates committee for accreditation, approval of private schools in Rivers


Rivers State Governor,  Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has charged the Committee for Accre-ditation and Approval of Private Schools in  Rivers State to embark on a comprehensive assessment of schools with the objective of reviving the standard of education.

Inaugurating  the committee at the Government House Port Harcourt on Monday,  Governor Wike said that the basic education level is important  to the development  of education.

He said: “I plead with you to be committed  to delivering on  this assignment because  it is critical  to the development  of education in the state.

“I respect members  of the committee  and urge you not to allow anyone to offer bribes to you. How much can they give to you, that will convince you to mortgage the future  of  Rivers children?”

Governor Wike said the State Government  is committed  to ensuring  that private schools are  of  approved standard , with the right facilities  and qualified teachers.

He said that in carrying out the assignment,  members  of the committee should not be swayed by prominent persons, politicians and their  relatives.

“There is nothing like party Chairman or party secretary in this assignment.  In this assignment,  you were not appointed  by any other person. Therefore,  you should be focused on assessing the schools and churning  out credible reports “, he said.

He said that the State Government  selected tested academics to carry out the assignment because  it wants the right outcome.

Governor Wike said the administration jettisoned the use of the Ministry of Education because most private schools have contacts at the Ministry,  where they compromise  the accreditation and  approval process “.

“We want the private schools  to be of good standard.  The committee  should confirm the facilities  at the schools  and the qualification of the teachers.

“The committee  must visit all the schools that have  applied for accreditation.  You have one month to complete  this assignment  and there will be no extension of time”, he said.

Committee for Accreditation and Approval of Private Schools in  Rivers State (Rivers East), Prof. Ozo-Mekuri Ndimele thanked Governor Wike for setting  up the committee  to help improve  the quality  of schools  in the state through the right accreditation scheme.

He said that the business  of private schools has become an all-comer affair with the motive of profit making,  while the quality  of education suffers.

Prof. Ozo-Mekuri said that with 30 percent of the school enrolments,  private schools should be programmed to deliver  quality  education to the people


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