Wife threatened by family members 


A house wife, Lawanson Fatimah Oluwatoyin, currently under threat by her husband family over involvement in lesbianism practice with a partner.

Oluwatoyin, who is legally married to Lanre are blessed with kids but her past experience in lesbianism was exposed when a family member caught her red handed.

Oluwatoyin who resides at No 1. Alimi Ogunyemi Street, ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos State, said, she was living with  her uncle following the death of her Dad and her Mom sickness.

According to her, “due to my dad’s death and my mum’s illness. My uncle could not afford to send me to school so he sent me to learn hairdressing. One of her clients, Miss Betty was so fond of me. Whenever she visits the salon she gives me extra money; at time she brings me some gifts.”

She said her uncle at a particular night attempted to rape her and succeeded after threatening to kill her with a knife.

In her words, “my uncle came into my room and wanted to have sex with me, while I was struggling, he cut me with a knife on my thigh and eventually raped me. I was so scared that could not tell anyone about it and that was how he kept having sex with me every night.”

“Years after, I had my own salon and Miss Betty also relocated. So, I had other partners who were also into lesbianism. I was on my way to work one day when I met a guy called Lanre.

“He was very kind and cool to me. We became so fond of each other and we started growing deep feelings.”

She narrated to Lanre she was a lesbian and to her surprise, he understands.

“A year later, we got married and had kids.” She explained.

Speaking further, she said, “Lanre on that faithful day went on a business trip and one of my girlfriends wanted to make her hair, so I invited her to my house. We got carried away and we started making out.

“My sister-in-law came in just at the moment we were undressed. She went out to report me to the family elders and showed them the pictures she took when she caught me.

“Elders came to my house and they threatened to report me to the police. They also said they were going to circumcise my daughters because they do not want me to initiate them. They even threw my loads out of the house.

“I called my husband and explained what was happening and he told them to let him come back before they took any action; then they left but they still threatened to report me to the police and circumcise my daughters”

As she could not wait for her husband to come back, Oluwatoyin said, she decided to move her kids and hide in an hotel.

“I want all authorities concerned and general public to take note,” She explained.



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