Why Abiodun will make a good governor


By Lanre Aminu

Not a few will agree with this writer that the emergence of Prince (Dr)Dapo Abiodun as the brand new democratically elected governor of Ogun state is ordained by God. It is publicly knowledge that the outgoing governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun did everything humanly possible, deploying the weight of his exalted office to prevent his election. We have the highly discerning and politically sophisticated electorate of Ogun state to thank for rejecting a situation where an outgoing governor’s desperate attempt to install a stooge, whose allegiance will be to him rather than the people was thwarted by them. Today, Ogun state stands to reap bountifully from this wise and courageous decision of the people. No doubt, Abiodun is a Moses in the making to the good people of Ogun state.

Whereas in some states, succession has turned awry due to disagreements with former chief executives who have thier way, installing thier surrogate as thier successor, the people are the first casualties of this dog fight. No doubt, Abiodun will hold his head high amongst pockets of good performing governors who can attribute their successes to non-interference by their predecessors, and their readiness for the challenges of the office.

This class of men will go ahead to carve their respective niches. Thankfully, Abiodun’s antecedents as a successful business man will serve him well in office. No doubt, he has the experience, strength of character, proficiency, dexterity and courage to provide purposeful leadership. Prince Dapo Abiodun, ‘Ogun governor-in-waiting’ comes fully made for the office and the responsibility therein with his background as a successful manager of men and resources. Abiodun is one of those few men and women in our society who have exhibited a high level of professionalism in their individual fields of endeavour and have shown that with commitment and dedication, even difficult tasks can be accomplished. Beyond his personal qualities, one factor that will help Abiodun succeed, insiders confirm, is that Aremo Segun Osoba is a man of principle who would not meddle in Dapo Abiodun’s government’s affairs. Often, the transition between highfaluting election campaign promises and the actual delivery of the so-called dividend of democracy becomes a problem for less-endowed and ill-prepared public office holders.

Again, this cannot be said of Prince Dapo Abiodun whose major motivation for seeking power is to serve the people. For him, “the welfare of the people is the directive principle of government policy. Intrinsic in Abiodun’s plans is his sole intention to use the resources God has blessed Ogun state with, to better the lives of the people and lay a solid foundation for the state in the next four years by by leveraging the strengths of all sections of the state, where each community holds comparative advantage as embedded in his blue-print which is principally to create jobs for the teeming youths of the state and empower the generality of the downtrodden economically. This is one of the triggers that will enable Abiodun to surpass the performance of his immediate predecessor in office. Having being denied of many good things of life in the last 8 years by the outgoing administration, Peoples’ expectations of the incoming governor are huge but justified. Abiodun is aware of the heritage he is stepping into. The trick might just be to concentrate on small things that matter before embarking on the big tasks. No doubt, we are faced with enormous challenges and only altruistic, compassionate and visionary leadership as symbolized by Abiodun can get Ogun state out of the quagmire. His antecedent has sufficiently shown that he has the capacity to translate Ogun’s abundant potentials into tangible result. Economic prosperity of the state is his major preoccupation. abiodun will make a good governor because his work and challenges are cut –out for him on several fronts. He should not go to sleep in the hope that political jobbers and turn –coat politicians will go away.

No, they remain a constant threat to every power centre, both at the national and state levels. What determines the rate of success of public officials is not the absence of detractors in and outside the corridors of power but the extent to which they focus on their goals. The good people of Ogun have no doubt that Governor Dapo Abiodun will be intensely focused on the goals and objectives of his administration once he receives the baton of leadership on Wednesday, May, 29, 2019. History beckons.

Aminu write from Sango-Ota, Ogun state.



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