What will happen to the world if Nigeria breaks up – Bishop Yahaya


The Archbishop of the Diocese of Kaduna, Anglican Communion, Bishop Timothy Yahaya, has warned that Nigeria’s breakup will have adverse effect on both West Africa and the world in general.

Speaking during the 3rd session of the 20th synod of the diocese at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Kakuri, Kaduna, over the weekend, Yahaya called on world bodies to take active steps towards ensuring that the country did not disintegrate.

According to Yahaya, “If today the country breaks up, there would no place to hide, there will be no place to go to.

“Our neighbouring countries can not contend us as refugees.

“The number of cars in Lagos alone is more than all the cars in West Africa.

“So, everyone should be interested in what is happening in Nigeria”.

Yahaya’s warning is coming at a time various groups across the country have been calling for the breakup of Nigeria.


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