We’re born to rule, not to play opposition –PDP


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said its successful national convention has repositioned the party to reclaim leadership. The party said it was formed to rule and not to play opposition.

The Akwa Ibom State Publicity Secretary of the party, Ini Ememobong,  declared this to newsmen yesterday.

He said the emergence of Mr. Uche Secondus as  national chairman showed that the South South was more prepared for the position. He said the party did not sideline the South West zone as being speculated.

“As at today, even those who were complaining about the election have begun to say otherwise. The truth is when someone loses an election, he feels bad; but after a while reasons come to play. It could have also been you if your state negotiated well, you could have also been on the list and you could have won.

“So, that is behind us now. We are now building a party. I am sure you have felt the impact. The national chairman, who, on the day of his inauguration issued a quit notice to the party in power, is a man who must hit the ground running; and I am sure, you have seen him hitting the ground running.

“Every department of the party has been repositioned for the purpose of taking over power. That was the only reason PDP was formed; it was formed to handle power. We were not formed to play opposition. There are other parties that were formed for the purposes of opposition. They are just strangers to power. We are strangers to opposition. We have to get back to power,” Ememobong said.

He said as at today, Nigerians would prefer what the PDP in power did not do well to the best that the government in power is doing .

“The truth is, people usually think the grass is greener across the fence. It is a natural thing; that is why you see people travelling, leaving Nigeria to Libya trying to cross the Mediterranean to get into Europe, without knowing that even in Europe, there are beggars.

“For us in the PDP, I admit that there were a few things we might have done wrong which were individual idiosyncratic disposition, and which were not well received by the populace. But, again, there was also this irresistible campaign by the opposition, promising miracles, such as making one naira to be equivalent to one dollar.

“And the people also felt the grass may be greener across the fence and they decided to give them a chance, and this is where the trial has landed them. You go to Abuja, from market women to taxi driver, everybody is anxiously awaiting the return of PDP,” he said.


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