We do not regulate social media – NCC

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC)

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that its current assignment does not include regulating social media.

This statement was made at an event organized by Center for Cyber Awareness and Development (CECAD) to commensurate the Safer Internet Day (SID) and cyber responsibility.

The event which was entitled “Together for a better Internet” was held in Lagos.

According to NCC, the News Media and Information Security, Engr. Aminu Abdullahi, the commission does not regulate social media.

“Nigeria does not have any law to guide the Social Media Act.

“Although we’ve received some complaints and requests on this a lot. I have to categorically say, NCC does not regulate Social Media activities.

“As a regulator, we understand that awareness is the first step to be taken in the use of Internet in Nigeria”, Abdullahi pointed out.

Speaking on this, the founder Disruptive Africa, Mr David Alozie said it is difficult to regulate social media activities, most especially in Nigeria.

In his words, “You can not regulate something you did not build or understand how it was built.

“We understand that social media has created lot of values for people in terms of business opportunities, so regulations of social media in a way is really not in the best interest of people so far” he stated.

Alozie posited that Government should develop one that fits our local environment, if they are willing to regulate social media acts.

More so, he said it is important that government provides proper ways of protecting citizens data.

“It is essential that data users should be properly educated on the system to ensure adequate security”, he pointed out.

Speaking on this, Alozie advised that the Nigeria Police  military and the security agencies  should look into leveraging on technology like Artificial intelligence, data Analytics to predict situations.

“The government need to surround themselves with intellects who are capable of harnessing available data to make life better and safe for citizens.

“In fact, a lot has to be done in controlling how data flows”, he said.

In his Goodwill message, the Executive Director, CECAD, Hillary Damissah stated that internet has become part of being in the 21st century.

“The importance of internet cannot be overemphasized as it has become the biggest revolution in the world. But, do we have the needed infrastructure to enable safer internet in Nigeria”, he questioned.

However, it was reported earlier that the upper chamber of the National Assembly has set in motion the passage of a law to regulate what Nigerians do or post on social media.

According to the Chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime, AbdulFatai Buhari at an cybersecyrity event last year, he noted that the bill presented to the senate has passed the first reading and it has been listed for the second reading.


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