We are doubling capacities in all areas — Dangote Flour


By Paul Nwaka

The Executive Director, Supply Chain and Deputy CEO, Dangote Flour Mills, Ahmed Shehu Yakasai has said that the company is doubling its capacities in all areas in Flour, Pasta and all other areas.

Speaking with newsmen on the sideline of the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held over the weekend, he said the company is bringing in new innovations with many options for its teeming consumers.

 In his words, “Dangote Flour Mill is doubling its capacities in all areas in Flour, Pasta and all other areas. We are bringing in innovations, new products with many options on the table. We want Nigerians to forget about rice, we have provided alternative rice at a cheaper and better price

We look at what the customers need or want, what they can afford and we went right and produce what they need at the right price and deliver it to their door-steps and here we are. And within the last tenures which we took over from, we have been able to turn the company around. We have shown that we can grow from loss to profit, and to grow even bigger and better this year. So I am happier than the shareholders because of where we are,” he said.

He stated that “we are providing nutritious noodles for Nigerians to take and live healthy and that is what we are going to continue to do 2017/2018.  Rice is coming next year and you will see it’s different rice, good quality one,” he added.

On his part, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Thabe Mabe said the company is increasing the capacity to meet additional demand and increasing core product in terms of quality.

He said, “The fundamental things that we are doing that are unknown to you is our continuity in increasing the capacity to meet addition demand. The more you reformulate and improve your border, and then you stimulate the demand.

The secret is about focusing on what you need to do for the consumers and for the customers. The secret is about increasing your core product in terms of quality. In my view, product is the hero in every production. If you do not deliver any product at the right time, at the right quality, at the right services, consumers and customers will help to vote for somebody else.  You see as our products boost the market,” he added.


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