Vox Pop on 2-year tenure of the National Assembly


By Tunji Ayanwale

Mr Samuel Odeh — The National Assembly is trying its best because controlling a large number of people is not really an easy task.MISS Ayoade IGEvox pop picture

Concerning the National Assembly on two years of inauguration, I will say that they have tried for passing bills that had been on for many years but they need to improve more on making laws that are more effective with good orientation on these laws for the understanding to a layman like me.

Miss Olorunyomi Oyedele —  I will say the 8th National Assembly has tried at least they have passed some long awaited and debated bills. But I will urge them as there is another 2 years for them in this tenure to make more laws that will be of benefit to average Nigerians.  MISS YOMI VOX POPThough recession makes it to look like they are not working because to a layman outside there they believe a governance is good if it can fight against poverty and corruption. Kudos to them but they can do more because we are expecting more from them

Mr Emmanuel Oke — So far I think the best thing the National Assembly has done is looking into the PIB. MR EMMANUEL OKEThey have divided it into 3 parts and have started with the 1st stage hopefully they would complete it.

Miss Ayoade Ige — From the look of things I can say the National Assembly is trying their best to stand out as a good National Assembly of the country due to their achievement making provisions to eradicate insurgency in the north east, passage of 95 bills and 200 motions, also it has been able to be the first Senate to open its budget for public screening and the passage of petroleum industry governance bill.


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