+Video: Flight delayed as couple fight on tarmac


A China Eastern Airline flight was on Thursday delayed as a married couple engage in a fight on the tarmac of Changshui International Airport in China.

The plane full of passengers was delayed after the couple started wrestling on the tarmac in a blazing row before take-off.

The couple ended up brawling on the floor – with the husband pinning his wife to the ground and swinging his fists in the direction of her face – as they clashed.

Shocking footage of the brawl shows the man lashing out and pushing the woman to the ground as horrified passengers looked on. The woman appeared helpless as she struggles to break free by ripping the man’s shirt off.

The flight was delayed by around half an hour as airport staff struggled to bring the quarreling pair on the tarmac in to order.

The husband and wife were filmed shouting at one another at the bottom of the steps leading onto China Eastern Airlines Flight 5843 – which was minutes away from leaving Changshui International Airport.

To watch video, click on the link below



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