Victor Moses slammed over Burnley’s free-kick goal against Chelsea


Former Chelsea player and manager, Ruud Gullit, has slammed Nigerian international, Victor Moses, for turning his back in the wall for the free kick goal scored by Burnley in The Blues 1-1 draw over the weekend.

the former Chelsea player, now football pundit, focused on Moses’ role in the goal and blamed him for turning his back in the wall.

Moses made way for Willian in the 75th minute of the game.

Gullit told the BBC, “This free-kick is perfect.

“In the wall, Moses look the ugliest players in the wall, so the only thing is you put your face there.

“What is Moses doing here? He turns his face away. The free-kick is perfect anyway, but I hate when players turn their backs away.”

Despite the Sunday’s draw, Chelsea remain ten points clear in the Premier League table.


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