Urhobo to produce Delta Governor come 2023 – Ibori


Following agitations from the Ijaw people of Delta South Senatorial district of Delta State to produce governor come 2023, former Gov. James Ibori has cautioned against distractions in the State, just as he disclosed that Urhobo nation would produce the next governor come 2023.

Chief Ibori among others party Stakeholders Chief Ibori disclosed this at the weekend when he played host to Delta Central PDP stakeholders in his Oghara country home, explained that he called the meeting to officially thanked the Party from the district for voting enmass for PDP, especially for Okowa reelection noted that if for anything the party need to be grateful for winning the governorship.

“The purpose of the meeting is for me to formally thank you all for listening to me and voted for our Governor and all PDP candidates in the district”

The former governor solicited support for Okowa to enable him succeed in his second term administration,  cautioned against heating up the polity on whom to become governor come 2023, stressed that 2023 is still far but reaffirmed that during Okowa reelection campaign, the party made a promise with the Delta Central PDP stakeholders, traditional institutions that Okowa would handover to Urhobo and him (Ibori) and other party leadership cannot afford to breach the accord reached with the Urhobo people.

“During our campaign for our governor we begged our Urhobo brothers and sisters to wait for 2023 and give their votes to our governor”

“They have done their part, it’s our turn to reciprocate by allowing them to produce the next governor”

He expressed optimism that the Anioma people would queue behind the Urhobos come 2023 allays  fear that PDP in the State is still much ready for the task ahead.

“After supporting our Anioma brothers I am very sure they will us come 2023”

At the meeting,  Chief Ighoyota Amori, Prof. Sam Oyovwaire,  Chief John Oguma among others who spoke during the meeting expressed Urhobo readiness to produce the next governor in the State.

The Delta Central PDP thanked Ibori for his leadership capacity in the State. Chief Amori particularly said that with crops of party faithful that attended the meeting coupled with the presence of Ibori has shown that Urhobo are out for serious business geared towards unity of purpose.

He further posited that Urhobo nation have eminent qualified people to man the governorship seat come 2023, appealed to party to shun politics of divisiveness.


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