Upsurge in insecurity, incessant kidnapping


Nigeria in recent months had been inhabitable for citizens and expatriates alike due to the litany of crimes perpetrated nationwide e.g. incessant kidnappings and other sundry crimes which are daily occurrences.

About two months ago, wife of Godwin Emefiele, Central Bank of Nigeria Governor was kidnapped and released few weeks later not forgetting the case of Ikorodu School pupils and teachers who were herded from their school but through the efforts of Lagos Police Command were later freed.  The list is endless; the recent one being the kidnap of an ex-minister in the presence of Mamman Daura, the President Muhammadu Buhari’s cousin.

The frequency of insecurity: kidnapping, rape and other vices in the land should worry patriotic and well-meaning citizens.  With the number of security outfits the country is having; the Police, Army, DSS and others, the more emboldened the perpetrators are in their criminal exploits and proclivities.

More worrisome is the fact that these hoodlums, if caught, are paraded on the pages of newspapers, after that nothing is heard of them any longer. This perhaps makes them more daring in their brazen sojourn in crimes.

The country has enough laws to tackle these crimes but are not properly applied. There is an element of involvement of big people in these crimes.

If some of these criminals are sent to jail or even hanged, the citizens would have been relieved of their sleeplessness.

No matter how hard the government tries to fix the economy, with the present upsurge in insecurity and kidnapping, it will never make any meaningful progress because no multinational company would stake the lives of its workers and by extension, no foreign investor would like to do business with Nigeria. For example, the Niger Delta region which is a flashpoint of insecurity and kidnapping and other areas across the country.

Government has very much to do in this situation. A bill stipulating harsh sentence for these criminals should be initiated and passed into law by the government; there should be no preferential treatment for those known to be connected with high and mightily, if need be capital punishment is advocated for these infractions.

Government should rather woo than scare would-be investors from doing business with us. This could be done if the atmosphere is conducive for such. The country cannot afford to lament the present recession endlessly without first dealing with nationwide insecurity which is on the prowl.

Security agencies should be reorientated. Above all, the citizens too should cooperate with government in the area of giving plausible information to track down those hoodlums and those caught in the act should be dealt with mercilessly and ruthlessly to serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals in the society.

The country has lost more than enough funds and useful citizens to these crimes and we say enough of these infractions. All security agencies should henceforth be on the alert to nip breaches of the law in the bud before further damage is done to our collective psyche and the country’s economy by way of non-compromise with these trouble makers in the society.

Kidnappers should rethink their escapades in the country in order not to run foul of the law with security agencies.

Insecurity and kidnapping have done unquantifiable damage to the country’s economy and should not be allowed to continue much longer than necessary.

Government should always be proactive before, not after the crimes have been unleashed on the citizenry. Kidnappers should be pursued to their camps and the war should start from there not after the crime has been committed.


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