Unhealthy stress could be dangerous


Each and any of us could develop a stressful moment due to our daily activities,while encountering challenges in our daily life style. Stress could be seen as substance that  weakens the body regulation  during the process of achieving things of important. Especially in an  issue we can’t just let go. We  encounter   various dimension which have lead  us to be disorganized .Though there are various kinds of  attracting  stress in the body system . Stress can be caused by any type of physical or emotional stimulus or situation. Which could be stress from work ,stress from  an unhealthy relationship ,stress from raising your kids “parenting  stress”. A research  study  shows that reason behind Anxiety and Depression is as a result of stress. Most  Men get  aggressive on an issue of little or no important  had always been as a result of these.

When Should Someone Seek Medical Care for Stress?

You should call your doctor when you are unable to identify the source of your stress and if the condition continues or comes and goes.

If, in conjunction with your friends, family, or spiritual or personal advisers, you cannot identify a source or solution for your stress, your next resource can be your doctor.

A physical problem may be causing your symptoms. Or there may be a hidden cause that requires the assistance of a counselor to help uncover. Once your doctor has ruled out a medical cause for your symptoms, your doctor can be a great resource for other options in treatment of your stress symptoms.

Doctors have many resources that they can use to help get to the source of your stress. You should never be embarrassed about your situation or the fact that you are seeking help. It is the doctor’s role to help.

Remember, the sooner you get help, the sooner you will feel better. If you are having physical symptoms that seem either unrelated to stress or are worse than you have experienced in the past, you should consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Thoughts about harming yourself
  2. Thoughts about harming others
  3. Chest pain
  4. Fluttering or rapid heartbeats
  5. Unusual Headache
  6. Any condition that you feel might cause you serious harm if not treated immediately in small doses, stressors can help give us increased energy and alertness, even helping to keep us focused on the problem at hand. This type of stress is good. People may refer to the experience of this type of stress as feeling “wired.”

As the level of pressure gets too great, stress eventually surpasses our ability to cope with it in a positive way. Often, people describe themselves as being stressed out, burned out, or at wits’ end. At this point, it is important to find positive and productive ways to deal with the stress and, more importantly, to address the person or situation that is causing the stress.

Everyone reacts to stress differently. Each of us has a different level of pressure and anxiety that we can handle without a bad outcome. Only you can assess your level tolerance to stressful situations. The best treatment for stress is to prevent getting into situations that are likely to overwhelm your ability to cope. This is not always possible because the stressors may often come from outside sources that are beyond your control.

It is important to distinguish between our response to usual stressors and other conditions that can feel like stress, such as panic disorder, anxiety disorders,   or depression


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