Two sisters pregnant for one man in Ebonyi


By Egbo Grace Abakaliki

A man of about 57years old identified as Mr Emmanuel Okereke of Amaenu Okposi in Ohaozara local government council in Ebonyi state has allegedly impregnated two sisters.

Mr Okereke who was beaten blue-black and dragged to court on 19th March 2018 by Mbekee ishieke community angry youths was accused of impregnating their daughters Adanna and Ijeoma Nwaokpuru and desecrating  their land.

Speaking with Nigerian News direct, the elder victim Adanna Nwaokpuru disclosed that she got in contact with Mr Emmanuel Okereke in 2015 when he advertised vacancies for sales girl at his Guest House known as Bobby guest house Nkaliki in Abakaliki  local government area of the state.

According to her, in the course of doing her job at the  guest house she fell in love with the suspect who explained to her that he got only a son from his first marriage of 20years,hence his need for a younger wife and more children.

She explained that as the marriage commenced informally,before Mr Okereke could finish the traditional marriage rites she(Adanna )was already  pregnant ,a development which halted the processes in accordance to Izzi custom.

Following advancement of the pregnancy ,she stated that there came  a need for house help.

Consequently, Ijeoma Nwaokpuru her younger sister an SS1 student of Community secondary school Mbeke moved in with them and assisted them with house chores,while she was re_enrolled to further her education, courtesy of Mr Okereke.

According to her, she started suspecting foul play when her sister and husband disappeared from the house for months.

Sequel to that, Adanna said she went back home to Mbekee ishieke of Ebonyi local government council where search parties and prayer sessions were conducted all to no avail till  early this month when Ijeoma from no where stormed the village accusing her of being a gossip.

She said serious quarrel ensued in the course of interrogation,which led to Ijeoma running  back to her Nkweagu secret resident where she secretly co_inhabited with Mr Okereke and her new baby ,but forgot her purse .

She thanked God for the forgotten purse, as rent receipt bearing address of her husband and sister’s secret abode was found therein which aided their arrest by their village youths.

In an interview with Ijeoma, she revealed that she mistakenly once had sexual intercourse with Mr Okereke her sister’s husband last year which resulted in birth of her now two months old baby girl and was instructed by the suspect not to breastfeed her to prevent her parents from noticing the development whenever she goes home.

Ijeoma also accused the crime suspect of using diabolical powers to lure her into the act.

On his part, the accused person Emmanuel Okereke told our correspondent that the entire scenario was not intentional but a temptation for his quest for children.


According to him, his 20years old marriage with wife of his youth produced only one son,hence his quest for younger wife and more children.

He blamed his wife Adanna for creating  room for the abomination by felling in all her responsibilities to him as husband with pregnancy as an excuse,including preparing meal,thereby always leaving Ijeoma to give him all the household attentions.

He said he decided to rent a secret apartment for Ijeoma following the development because of his resolve never to shed blood and pleaded to be allowed to take good care of the two children  since they are biologically his’.

At that juncture, the presiding Chairman of Family Law Centre Abakaliki Mrs Elizabeth Nwali who gave him serious tougue_ lashing process ordered him to remit the sum of #40,000 for upkeep of the babies on monthly basis for period a year and six months.

She compelled him to  sign an undertaking not to launch attack of any kind on the  aggrieved family and to provide the said money as at when due.

She advised their mother to assist Ijeoma in taking good care of the baby while she goes back to school for brighter future.

Reacting to the ruling, mother and elder brother of the victims mrs Angelina and Chibueze Nwaokpuru expressed their displeasure to Newsmen about the monthly payment, demanded that Mr Okereke should pay them off with the sum of six million naira to help them in procuring all needed for cleansing of the desacreded land .

They also faulted the ruling saying that the monthly payment would keep reminding them of the shame which has subsequently led to stigmatization.



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