Traditional way of taking oaths should be encouraged by govt


The Chief Priest of Segun Aladeifa Temple, Chief Segun Fashina (a.k.a. Aladeifa) has called on both the Federal Government and National Assembly should promulgate a law that will make traditional way of taking oath in our courts and other institutions in order to put an end to corruption in Nigeria.

Our people should be encouraged to swear in the traditional way through Sango, Ogun and Amadioha etc.

These are very powerful deities that don’t condone falsehood when swearing with any of them in order to bridge the gap among the three religions and also in particular, promote traditional worship, where people will converge to worship in a traditional way, pray together and people will be free from bondage. The Temple is at No. 16, Holy Mary Close, Iyana Iyesi, Ota, Ogun State.


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