Technology’ll break barriers to business’


Nigerian technology firm, Laclic Services Limited, has said the use of advanced technology and systems will break barriers to business.

According to the firm, technology will help businesses and the international community do business seamlessly without any issues.

The firm, which launched language support products in Lagos on Friday, said its mission was to foster language learning across the world and promote international cultural cooperation with the use of technology.

While speaking at the product launch, the Product Research Analyst, Laclic Services Limited, Lanre Mesan, said a total of five applications were launched.

According to him, the applications were built and developed in Nigeria and by Nigerians.

He said one of the products, Olango, was a first-of-its-kind language learning application that consisted of both mobile and web versions

Mesan, who stated that the application allowed users learn any language of their choice at their own learning pace, added that the application had embedded video modules and quiz sessions at the end of each lesson to rate user performance.

He said, “Olango makes language learning very easy by globalising language learning and connecting people around the world. Currently, there are 10 languages available on the platform and as the need arises, we will add more languages.”

“However, there is a premium version, which is the Olango vista. It enables user interaction with a foreign business partner and makes use of an instant translator for both personal engagement and group activities.”

Speaking further, Mesan said the other applications were Banta ban, Spirout and the Travels and Tours.

he said the Travels and Tour application was developed to facilitate ticket bookings, visa application, hotel reservation, among others.

He described the application as a complement to the Olango application, stating that Travels and Tour also gave room for users to visit countries of languages being learnt for the duration of one year.

The Deputy Managing Director, Laclic Services Limited, Dupe Sanni, said Banta ban was developed to solve the problem of purchase of fake products online.

She stated that Banta ban was a premium e-commerce platform for products and services tilted towards the international market.

She said the company took pains in selecting vendors on the platform by subjecting products to thorough verification in order to ensure the sale of only original products.

Sanni described the Spirout application as a content bank, stating that the application offered access to content providers at cheap rates.

“As a content creator, you can submit your content on the platform and we will help you market it. As a business owner too, you can find suitable content for your business at very cheap prices,” she stated.

She said all the applications launched were in line with the vision of the company to break barriers to doing business by putting in place strategies for businesses to thrive.


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