Tasks before the new police IG


Following the clocking of 35 years in service on January 3 and 60 years by age on January 16, the former Inspector General of Police; Ibrahim Idris, was to retire from service.

In his place, President Muhammadu Buhari, on January 15 appointed, Abubakar Adamu Mohammed, as the new Inspector General of Police, in acting capacity.

Adamu becomes the country’s top security chief at a time when it is engulfed in internal security problems. Armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom, killing for ritual purposes,cattle rustling and banditry in some States in the northern part of the country, which has resulted in the massacre of rural dwellers, are unprecedented in the history of this country.

Other security challenges include: vandalization of infrastructure, intercommunal clashes,  farmers/herders’ conflict, abduction, rape, advance fee fraud (419),theft and cyber-crimes (Yahoo-Yahoo).

Unfortunately, the efforts of the police and other security agencies in tackling these crimes, have not yielded much desired fruit.

The fight against insurgents, secessionists and armed bandits, has not produced the expected result, despite the help that the police receive from the military. The police can’t shy away from these tasks. It is its primary duty to checkmate these societal ills.

Adamu as the new head of the Nigeria Police, must  evolve newer approaches and come up with more innovative strategies to tackle these challenges before the situation gets worse.

There is no doubt that the police is doing its best in tackling these ills with the regular busting of criminal gangs hideout, arrest and parading of kidnappers and robbers in recent years had greatly elevated the image of the  police in the country, but more is needed to be done.

The new IG arrives at a time when the presidential elections are less than a month away, which will be followed by governorship and house of assembly elections on March 2, 2019. Already, there are allegations by opposition politicians that the police could play a partisan role in the polls. Adamu must stand his ground  by resisting pressure from politicians and also ensuring that his men at all levels do not

entangle themselves in partisanship and compromise on their professionalism and integrity.

Another challenge that the new IG must surmount, is the issue of corruption in the force. While most of the public agencies in country have been contaminated with  corruption, that of the police is so glaring because they are closer to the public and interact with the public on daily basis.

Adamu must find a lasting solution to this scourge which has made a public ridicule of the image of the Nigerian Police.

The recent decision taken by the new IG to disband the Federal Special Anti- Robbery Squad (F-SARS), is a welcome development. By decentralizing SARS, it will get them closer to the people and encourage the people to help in intelligent gathering.

It will also reduce the cases of intimidation and harassment that the operatives of the squad have been accused of. This is because the decentralization will make it easier to fish out erring operatives.

We believe that if Adamu must succeed in getting the country rid of these challenges, he must make the subject of intelligent gathering his focal point. Investment in intelligent gathering will to a large extent, help the new IG tackle these problems to the barest minimum.

As a professional police officer with rich curriculum vitae, having worked with Interpol, we believe that Adamu will do his best in tackling these myriads of security challenges facing the country.

Politics has already divided the country along tribal lines, a collapse in the country’s security architecture, will spell doom for country, which is the reason we urge Adam to be above board just like

Caesar’s wife in the discharge of his responsibility.


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