Task before Aisha Alhassan


Nigeria is a complex political terrain. Recently, the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Aisha Alhassan, out of the blues blurted out on the BBC Hausa Service, that her undiluted, undisputed loyalty, was reserved for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, her political godfather and mentor, rather than for President Muhammadu Buhari, her benefactor.

The nation is aghast. She claimed the former is her political godfather while the latter is currently her employer. She primed her alignment with Atiku for the 2019 polls.

It is like running with the hare and hunting with the hounds! A dinner with the devil! But, Aisha still serves under Buhari! Could she have double loyalty?

My take here is that it is a case of divided loyalty. As one cannot serve two masters at the same time, let her resign honourably, or be shown the door in ignominy!


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