Sport Betting: Customers grumble as Bet9ja fluctuates odds


Seventy million Nigerians spend a total of N1.9 billion daily placing sport bets with various sport bet companies spread across the 36 states of the Federation.

In this edition of Bet review, we will be releasing figures on the high and the lows of Sport Bet Companies which should serve as a guide on which Companies offer more odds and bonuses as compared to others.

Speaking with a Sport Bet agent at Ikeja area of Lagos, Dimeji Alao said “The bonus is given according to the number of accumulated games, the higher the accumulation the higher your bonus”. Speaking with our Correspondent, Dimeji said his customers naturally go for betting company with higher bonuses and guaranteed quick payment.

As you all know, Sport Betting is all about taking calculated risk, as you base your decisions on sound research and evidence, not intuition.

We take a look at the top ranked sites based on public opinion. Winners Golden Bet, Bet9ja and 1960bet.

Three Internet bet experts were used in a survey carried out on the 3rd of June, each was attached to a particular bet company.  After selecting same 10 games available in the Spanish segunda division, they all arrived at different outcomes.

Bet9ja came with the least giving their Customers N1,538,928 + a bonus of N461,678 amounting to a total of N2,000,606.

Winners Golden Bet offering N1,414,687  with a bonus of N636,609  amounting to a total of N2,051,296

1960bet offered a staggering N2,252,412. Ordinary winning of N1,732,625 + a bonus of N519,787.

Speaking with the Marketing Manager of Bet9ja company, Mr.Tunji Meshioye said so many factors affect odd fluctuations, one is definitely the lineup of both teams which is made available an hour before kick off. When we see some key ommissions in the starting lineup, we immediately alter the odds in the favour of the weaker teams and in a case when their is a psychic boost in the dressing room, we immediately reduce the total odd ascribed to such a team.

“We have over 50 persons on standby, each manning a system, with over 70 screens of live T.V breaking news. When we notice any news regarding a particular event, we immediately alter the odds of such games”

“We remain the only Bet company in Nigeria that generate is odd internally. We also provide game odds for some Bet Companies”

Speaking with a Customer, Aluko Olaseni, 24, said he avoids Bet9ja whenever the Kick off is near.

“I don’t go to their shop when match don almost start because them go don reduce the odds, I patronise other shops that period”

Looking at the survey, it becomes an obvious fact that all Bet sites provide their customers with different odds and bonuses. With numerous Betting sites springing up on a daily basis, it becomes a difficult task for an average Nigerian to keep tabs on odds and bonus fluctuations across all Betting company.

Make it a date with us next week, as we bring you up to speed with Bet Companies with the fastest and guaranteed winning payment (SLA).


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