Southern Kaduna killers will face God’s wrath, says Emir


Emir of Jema’a, Alhaji Muhammadu Isa Muhammadu, has stated those responsible for killings in southern part of Kaduna will face God’s wrath.

The Emir stated this at his palace in Kafanchan yesterday when he received Kafanchan Peace Forum, a voluntary group working for genuine reconciliation among people of the troubled areas of Southern Kaduna.

The Emir who received the forum, which consists of Muslim and Christians from different tribes of Southern Kaduna with excitement, hopedKafanchan and the entire zone return to old days of peaceful communities.

The Emir said: “Kafanchan used to be a very peaceful and hospitable town where people from different walks of life enjoyed to work and live.

“All of a sudden, we don’t know what happened that people start killing one another. We don’t know the people doing this but we condemn it

“All those killing will face God’s judgment and wrath because no religion preaches killing of fellow human beings.

“So, we must hold ourselves together irrespective of our ethno-religious background and work together for peace.”

He went on: “We must realise it is we people of faiths that are killing ourselves.

“When you inquiry about people who have been killed, they are either Christians or Muslims.

“So, we must stop these killings and put an end to this indigene/settler dichotomy, because no one group can displace the other.”

He expressed support for the forum, urging it to take the peace efforts very seriously.


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