Sokoto government to counter acute shortage of water in the state


By Muhammad Goronyo, Sokoto

The general manager of the water board, Ahmad Moyi Tambuwal said the desilting work of water treatment plant is a routine work usually carried out every six months.

He said his team usually supervise the plant to ascertain the level of progressive work done.

“The desilting become necessary that allow free flow of water to its sub stations in the state”.

He added the work would take time before things become normal and therefore advise people to reserve enough water for their domestic use, as the work will last for days before completion.

Engineer Moyi said the inadequate water supply being experienced in the state was as a result of mass repairs carried out by the state water board and shortage of diesel to be provided by the state government.

He said another problem was inadequate supply of electricity by Kaduna electricity distribution company and is still persisting.

He said the from the state government was construction of boreholes in different parts of the state before the existing problem is countered.

He called on wealthy individuals to as a matter of assistance to locals to construct wells and boreholes in their different locations.


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