Skye bank sacks 4 executive directors


Skye Bank has sacked four executive directors in its restructuring exercise to regain the struggling bank.

The bank immediately  replaced those sacked with new ones.

Those sacked are Markie Idowu, executive director, retail and Lagos commercial bank, Abimbola Izu, Executive director, Corporate banking, Idris Yakubu, Executive director, South-South/SEED Directorate and Bayo Sani, the executive director, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management.

The restructuring that was announced via an e-mail to all the staff at exactly 5.02pm by the managing director, Tokunbo Abiru, the four EDs were replaced with three senior management staff to temporarily oversee the affected directorates.

They are Segun Opeke who will oversee Lagos directorate comprising corporate, commercial and retail banking, Ayo Abina, will oversee South directorate comprising Lagos public sector, South West, South-South and SEED while Femi Aribaloye will for now, be in charge of Enterprise-Wide Risk management.

Abiru in the e-mail notification to the entire staff of the bank announced that the affected four EDs resigned voluntarily from the bank.

“I wish to announce the restructuring of key leadership positions in the bank following the voluntary resignation of four Executive directors from the service of our bank today”.

“Kindly note that the resignation of the directors is voluntary and in line with the key leadership restructuring in the bank”, the managing director stated.

He thanked the four EDs for their service to the bank noting “particular the roles they played in stabilizing the bank after the regulatory induced intervention of July 4, 2016”.

While he implored the staff to remain focused on delivery of excellent banking services to their clients, he also announced that more appointments would be made to further strengthen the bank’s focus on the service of the customers.


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