Simi teases fans concerning her love life


By Sylvester Kwentua

While unverified pregnancy rumors are still flying in the air, singer Simi is onto the next one, as she gives a wondrous and hilarious response to a question she was asked during an interview session with Ndani TV’s new web show recently.

Her response makes it more apparent that she possibly had some sort of romantic and erotic affair with Falz, Adekunle Gold, and Ycee, at different points in time. The rumors we heard those days may have been true, anyway.

Being featured as the first guest to bell the cat by being on the hot seat in that particular edition of Ndani TV’s new web show, TGIF, the singer talked about her favorite body parts,

Yoruba Demons, her hidden talents and more. As the show progressed, the singer was asked a very puzzling question.

Firstly, the interviewer asked to know who she would kiss, and she would marry, and then who she would kill. Simi replied saying:

“I will kiss Falz, I will marry Adekunle Gold. I don’t want to kill Ycee, so, I’ll kill myself.” Now, let’s analyze her reply.

She possibly wants to kiss Falz because she’s done it before and enjoyed it because he’s such a good kisser.

She prefers to marry Adekunle Gold because he’s undoubtedly a husband material, and she loves him for real. As for Ycee, she doesn’t have his time. Just that she wouldn’t want to be a murder.

Personally, I don’t believe Simi would die for Ycee. She just said it for talking sake. Do you believe she would?


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