Serial killings amidst gross insecurity; Nigerians watch your door steps


In Nigeria, every day comes with specific insecurity challenges. Discussions and deliberations on how to improve our current security architecture have become a routine talk, yet the situation remains untamed.  While the government and security institutions may be making some efforts to protect lives and properties, tension and fear still reside actively in the minds of majority of Nigeria’s populace who feel insecure with panic of uncertainties.

Perhaps this certainly is a reminiscence reflection of the state of nature before the establishment of the State (government) as posited by Thomas Hobbes, where life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. The increasing rate of crimes across the Country heightens this anxiety.  Nigeria is having a murder rate of 9.85 per cent per 100, 000 population in 2015 and a likely figure in 2019.

This is becoming more depressing as people become more cruel and inhumane to others.

One of this crime, is the murder of one retired Deputy Director of the Nigerian Police Service Commission, Mr. Monday David Bassey. Dreadful death was forced on him by his killers who left his dead body lying helpless in a pool of blood.  The mood at the house of the assassinated late retired Deputy of Police Service Commission, was one of shock, sadness and extreme sorry. He gruesomely murdered by a gang of assassins in his house located behind Abacha Barracks Estate in Nassarawa state, a town known as Mararaba bordering FCT.  The day was one of horror which may be difficult to be forgotten in the history of the family of the late Bassey — a moment their father was gruesomely cut, butchered and eventually murdered in his home.

Before the deceased met his killers, Mrs Bassey, the wife of the diseased,  said he woke her up around 6:00am to get ready for church, while he watched the car and then fed his fishes and birds at the his farm. ‘Make sure you finish other things before I return so we could go to church early’, she quoted him to have said.  ”Those who were his last words to me”, she said while terribly weeping. One the son of the deceased, Emem Bassey, speaking in a pool of tears narrated how his father was murdered.

He explained that the assassins have been waiting to ambush his father since 2:00am in the early hours of the day. He said they gained access to the compound through the face by cutting the perimeter barb wires. He further expressed that the criminals waited till around 6:00am when his late father arrived the farm to tend his fishes and birds upon which four assassins led siege on him and butchered him to death.

Emem further said ‘two of the assasins who were caught by neighbours at the verge of escaping confessed to have been sent by one Musa Abdullahi a carpenter who roofed his late father’s house. He said his father took him (Abdullahi) as a son, gave him referrals, minial jobs and contracts’.  In the Emem’s exacts words, “the human in people seems to have been eroded.”

Death stings

One Mr Okechukwu Roland, who is a friend to the family expressed dismay on the unfortunate situation; “I was with him in his farm a day before he died, he offered me fish for free,” he said.

The Late Bassey was loved by many people who have been singing praises of his kind deeds while he was alive. Another person, a Neighbour, said in rather cold voice.

It was reported that the remaining two assassins escaped the scene but were trailed and caught by the Divisional police at Abacha barrack while absconding to Plateau state, Jos.  Also Carpenter, Abdullahi Musa, who was alleged to have orchestrated the murder was caught in Bauchi state after been trailed by the police Homicide squad in Kano dispatched to handle the case.

A visit to the scene of the murder reviewed that the property has been long deserted to avert reoccurrence.  However, the pains of the lost will forever linger in the minds of the deceased family.  Late Bassey was laid to rest on 7th September 2019, the murdered took place in the 28th day of July 2019. All the culprits are currently in police custody but yet to be convicted.

Tensions from the likes of Bassey’s case and other gruesome murders have become too many in recent times. The Nigerian Police Force needs to re-gig its operations to reduce crime across the Country.

In order for Nigerians to move, live and go about their businesses freely without fear, the Government at various level needs to intensify its efforts towards addressing the forms of threats against human life. The volume of criminality against human life in the Country demands all hands to be on deck from the Federal to the State and the Local governments. The Federal Government rather than claiming that security is its exclusive preserve, should learn at this time to work with the States and Local Governments on how to address the troubling spate of killings and other security threats bedeviling the Country. In the meantime, the lesson to Nigerians is to “be careful” of who you trust in line with William Shakespeare’s word which says “Love all, trust few and do wrong to none”. Nigerians have to be more vigilant themselves, and learn to report any suspicious move around their environment to appropriate authorities on time.


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