Sacrifice and obedience as we tackle Coronavirus

Hon Rotimi Makinde

By Rotimi Makinde

Obedience leads to true freedom. The more we obey revealed truth, the more we become liberated.* Sacrifice is a way of forsaking something  for the other and in most cases, the obedience of it usually attracts  inconvenience that may also be temporary or even  permanent for a particular goal, target or a reward.

Whatever we so wish to get in any given circumstance, be it from our creator is usually easier if we make sacrifices, fasting or certain self denial….Coronavirus is here, a reality and a worldwide pandemic!.. Fighting it requires sacrifice and self denial. It is a war and not a war we confront with regular techniques that we are used to. This is where Obedience and adherence to rules as may be prescribed or tested as the likely key or cure to its total eradication should come to play. Any sacrifice from us is worthy for its good result. It will be of  tremendous and personal responsibility to be obedient in any given scenerio as this strange epidemic continues. It is therefore the responsibility  of any individual or anyone who is in a critical situation to comply to any known norms without necessarily awaiting third party intervention or enforcement of its rule as may be  stipulated by any given law or policy.

The big question we should honestly ask ourselves as a nation and citizens is to what extent are we proactive in complying with the simple instruction as it affect this pandemic?The common “ *Stay at home, wash your hand and self quarantine”* is not attracting compliance. It is sad to see people still going  to churches or worshipping in mosques at will asif this is what their lives depends on the p immunity they truly needed. The  people in far away holy cities of the world who are even directly related to Jesus Christ in Rome and the Mohammedians in Saudi Arabia are promptly obeying the simple advice.

We sometimes intend to worship religion than God. If not, the likes of some notable Pastor would not have defied Government ban during the Sunday service to warrant enforcement agents embarrassing their congregations . No one of course is above the law! In a sane clime the pastors should be the one propagating government’s policies but the reverse is the case here.

Everybody’s tomorrow depends on our collective efforts, commitment and decisions to fight this satanic disease to standstill. We have been careless so far with it in Nigeria for we failed to quickly close our borders, and now we are failing  as people in our  approach to await the government to roll out military tanks to enforce the simple  law and advice to lessen the spread for a simple instruction for us to stay at home which ordinarily we ought to obey as a sacrifice on our part.

Well, it will not be bad if we begin to accept  the reality and to reason along, to learn from China’s experience, and we begin to warn ourselves with such gory tales and the attendances of the woes of this set of people as its happening in far away Italy where they die in hundreds and so also in other parts of the world now..

Let’s stay at home, let our market also be closed for a while, let the government release fund, waive tax and government to negotiate suspension of interest on bank  loan temporarily for people to be able to cater  enough for food stuff as they are being forced to quarantined at home, and let the city go to bed for at least a fortnight. Recently,

In a related development, the Governor of NY was on air sighted talking about this deadly disease ravaging the whole world, they described it as war and more like 3rd world war, he made emphasis about Africa and about our hidden privileges and their discoveries that a drug produced right on our soil is presently doing wonder and magic and its greatly coming to their aid as they openly called for the introduction of Cloroquine which we have all along been using in Africa to cure our malaria.

Chloroquine , To those who may forget, it is a medication used to prevent and to treat malaria in our areas where malaria is known to be sensitive to its effects. Certain types of malaria, resistant strains, and complicated cases typically require different or additional medication. Occasionally it is used for amebiasis  that is occurring outside the intestines, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus erythematosus. One could listen to sober President Donald Trump of United States of America also making case for a drug produced by our own May and Baker .It is a simple drug taken by mouth and we already used to it until Nafdac  banned it about two years ago. As it is now, people are ready to use any drug in a trial by error basis because of the frustration. Chloroquine  is also presently  being used experimentally to treat COVID-19 by a group of Chinese virologists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The best for us now as a nation is to ensure a battalion of our army guide the company for likely attack  and for our government to give a bailout fund to the company to embark on its  massive production of Chloroquine. That is if we want to be proactive and understand the importance it now entails.

We shouldn’t forget that the drug has been banned by NAFDAC few years ago but with this news coming from President Donald Trump, our erudite professor of Nafdac woman has lifted the ban two days ago and asked May and Baker the star company to commence the production. That is one of  the inconvenience and the sacrifice we have to compliment . The news that Lagos State government came up with Civil Servants up to Grade Level 13 to remain at home for the next 13 days, beginning from Monday March 23rd is also a welcome development. Let’s hope all states of the federation will follow suit and domesticate this idea and also with total ban on the operation of all city buses and others.

Taking advantage of a time under tension such as this and in the right way will certainly help us to come out stronger….


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