Reputable schools in Ipaja, Agege axis


Education is power and critical to economy, socio-economic development of aspiring country. Nigerian NewsDirect during the week gathered some of the reputable schools in Ipaja and Agege axis in Lagos. These schools are known to have wider understanding of Nigeria’s economic system and maturing young ones to become outstanding individuals in the society.  Sonde Oluwaseun  reports

Honeyland Schools, Ipaja Honeyland is a world class co-educational institution comprising Creche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools.

The School was established in August 2006 with the aim of providing the best environment to raise a selected group of world impactors as entrenched in our mission statement: To provide the best environment for balanced education experiences aimed at attracting children from nations and returning leaders to nations.

Beautifully set as the largest building on the landscape of Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria, and overlooking the largest housing estate in West Africa, we are conspicuous enough for accessibility and sufficiently detached for safety and academic concentration

Aims and Objectives

In addition to the aims and objectives set in the National and Lagos State Policies on Education, the schools’ aims are:

  1. To produce students who can think for themselves, respect dignity of labour and appreciate good values of life.
  2. To inspire the children with a desire for achievement and self-improvement both at school and in later life
  3. To impart both mental and physical skills and abilities necessary to live and contribute to the development of the environment and society at large.

To achieve:

  1. The school curriculum is designed to instill in the children the quest for unrelenting pursuit of excellence
  2. The broad curriculum stimulates and enhances the children’s thinking faculty.
  3. The school runs a diversified curriculum to cater for the differences in potential talents and abilities.


  1. To raise a selected group of world impactors
  2. To build stoic discipline in students
  3. To help our students to develop astute acumen to overcome challenges
  4. To instill in our children the principles of integrity and hard work
  5. Promote the uniqueness, worth and dignity of each student
  6. Work as a team with staff, parents, students, managements and Board of Directors and maintain open communication.

Future Plans:

Provide the best educational experiences in a caring and nurturing environment. We also believe in motivating students to become independent and self-reliant while we discover and develop individual talents to become future leaders.

Folbim High School, Agege

Folbim High School, is situated at 166, Ipaja Road Agege and an off-shoot of Folbim institute of basic studies, was founded in September, 1994 by Chief A.J Adeloye. Mr. A.J. Adeloye, a University graduate of Mathematics, a seasoned educationist and a one-time school principal in the teaching service of Lagos State.

The Motto of Folbim High School is ”No struggle No Success”.


Our mission is to develop the students academically, morally, socially and spiritually. It is our overall aim that the children in our care will develop a very high level of self discipline, maturity and selflessness.

Future Plans for the School

The school plans towards having a broad based modernized boarding facilities.

Ferscoat Comprehensive Academy, Ipaja.

The visionary saw two storey buildings, one for the primary school and the other for the secondary school with different uniforms.

This revelation came at a time when the parents of the primary school which has been in existence since 1992 when putting pressure on the Director to establish a secondary school having tested the qualitative services rendered by the nursery /primary school .In September, 1997 the school’s secondary school began.


The mission of the school is to bring qualitative education at moderate cost to all Nigerian children of the school age

Ferscoat Comprehensive Academy is a co-education institution with a solid foundation determined to reach the top of excellence, applying acceptable norms and practices, devoid of any form of dishonesty and cheating in examinations. In line with our objectives, the school has a maximum of 30 learners to a class. This is to enhance monitoring by teachers while reducing the pressure on them.


Future Plans for the School

The school is taking giant strides to develop the school annex for effective teaching delivery .To improve academic performance of our children /students from the present state to higher heights.

Flourescent Comprehensive Schools, Ipaja

Flourescent Comprehensive Schools was founded in 1996, approved 2002 (Lagos State Ministry of education) WAEC accredited 2002 NECO Acredited 2002.


To provide cutting edge facilities and leading operations in the education sector which will be run by well motivated ,always up dating and fully qualified teaching and non teaching staff , creating an atmosphere for easy learning where student is given undivided attention and the focus and pursuit is excellence

Future Plans for the School

Expansion and Extension of school plant Improvement /innovation of School facilities Standardization of quality of service delivery Development of better sports arenas Increased Population.

Soundhope  Schools, Ipaja

Soundhope was founded on January 4, 1999,as one of the best education institutions and a force to reckon with in the educational sector in Nigeria, Africa and international, in terms of its curriculum delivery and student output using the best available manpower and technological instrument and teamwork worldwide.

The school emanated from the primary arm after persistent requests from parents’ and neighbours. The management yielded to the parents request having considered the urgent need to establish it as a result of the pressing need for it. The school was to cater for all children of different backgrounds.

A School of Future Leaders who are honest, academically, socially, morally and spiritually upright, dictating the pace and standard of the society they live in.

Future Plans for the School

To remain a reputable institution of science and technology for the nation and human development. The school intends to conduct other international examinations like IGSCE, SAT ,TOEFL etc. Striving towards making the school the most outstanding in the country.

Doregos Private Academy, Ipaja

Doregos private academy the college of champions over the last 27 years we have produced the youngest persons in Africa to be a Microsoft Certified Professional.

We are a breeding ground for champions who have been to Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East, North and South America to represent Nigeria in Science and Technology competition winning

Doregos Private Academy is a private co-education day and boarding school which offers quality secondary education. Our curriculum is a blend of Nigerian and British content.

Our students at the end of the junior secondary school write the Lagos State Junior Secondary School Examination as well as the National Examination Council Examination. At the end of their Senior Secondary School they write the West Africa Examination Council Examination, National Examination Council Examination, and Cambridge International Examination for those furthering their education in the UK..

Mission Statement

Creating a learning environment that maximizes individual’s potential to meet the challenges of education and life.

Future Plan

Providing education that is second to none in Nigeria and beyond.

Eterland Schools, Agege

Eterland School was established in 1994 by Deacon (Mrs) Ogunmusire (an educationists). She taught in the public Sector for 20years with passion for imparting knowledge. The passion later Metamorphosed  into the establishment of Nursery and Primary School. On the 20th September, 2004 the idea and establishment of the college came up. Over the years,Eterland Schools students have performed excellently in both internal and external examinations among which are first school leaving certificate BECE, SSCE,GCE etc. In 2014,2015,2016 and 2017, the students scored a total of 100% in their BECE results. Eterland Schools have been improving in various extracurricular activities.


Focusing obsessively on the Nigeria Child and by extension of foreigners in our country making it available to him/her education facilities ( both local and foreign) that will make them positive contributors or inventors to the Nigerian Society and the world at large.


To be Nigerian’s most child centre School.


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