Reason to fall in love with TECNO Phantom 9, other brands


By Idris Bakare

The internet and other electronic media have had a positive impact on the lives of individuals and businesses all over the world.

Mobile telecom munication industry has and is still undergoing extraordinary changes brought about by the introduction of new technology and market forces. Since the late 1990s countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America have been witnessing a phenomenal growth in the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs), in particular mobile cellular phones.

Today, the operators and manufacturers of mobile telecommunication equipment are undertaking huge efforts to adapt the cellular networks to the new technologies, while aiming to maintain the level of service of the current networks.

The introduction of ubiquitous mobile phones that serve for chatting and text messaging is providing a major tool in this revolution. The emergence of the Global System Mobile (GSM) put into effective check the monopoly of the Nigerian Telecommunication Limited (NITEL) on telephones.

The introduction of mobile phones provided the needed tools to bridge the existing digital divide. While government deregulation and liberalization policies provide a conducive ground for the emergence of global system mobile network providers, it discouraged the monopoly hitherto enjoyed by the Nigeria Telecommunication Limited and thus encouraged a substantial private sector investment in the telecommunications industry.

With this development mobile phones have spread to the villages and are providing a vital communication link to the rural people.

The Internet is another great achievement of telecommunication. Internet is one of the technologies available for global resources and information sharing.

It is predicted that Nigeria will contribute four per cent of the estimated 700 million new global mobile subscribers, making it the only country in Africa marked with a significant contribution to increasing mobile penetration in the world.

Nigeria leading mobile users’ ecosystem in Africa with over 216 million connected lines, then it is certain we will have mobile phones changing the entire economy in few years to come. This change will be so obvious and in a great way as mobile phones will change the rhyme of living, our social life, businesses, communications and every aspect of our lives will be impacted by mobile phones.

Today, this impact is deepening with new sets of mobile entrepreneurs like the Application developers emerging. Indeed speed, experience, convenience and fluidity with Mobile phones are major phenomena driving changes in Nigeria and ushering in the next level in the GSM revolution- the Mobile Innovation Era(MIE) powered by Smartphones.

Smartphones are the new personal computers in Nigeria, as they are embedded with chip sets, fast processing systems and then with a feature that unflustered the mind of Nigerian, which we know to be ‘Camera’.

Mobile phone has become a major contributor to the successes of businesses in Nigeria be it in financial inclusions, Health, Education, Entertainment, Agriculture, even in the IT sector.

One phone maker, TECNO Telecom Limited with the brand name TECNO understands this future and are aggressively positioning and driving innovative smartphones into the Nigerian market like never before.

I think right now TECNO has the most affordable smartphones with android platforms, great designs and quality. Understanding that the first thing a buyer of phone in Nigeria considers is cost and camera, the cost and camera of a phone determines whether a Nigerian buys.

Smartphones which are affordable for Nigerians and with great quality is a distinguishing feature of the TECNO brand.

TECNO in its innovative way has come from the rear to become one of the fast- selling smartphones in Nigeria partnering with top phone sellers and distributors like Slot, online retailers like Jumia and konga, simply shows they have come to be generally accepted by many Nigerians, and also tech reviewers, social media users, bloggers all talking about TECNO smartphones.

Tecno Mobile Nigeria introduced brand new models on the market named Phantom 9 to give the company’s customers an even better ‘selfie’ experience that comes with an array of enhanced features that bring a whole new dimension to the smartphone experience.

The new model was officially unveiled in Lagos, before Tecno Mobile stakeholders, esteemed clients and models, who were used to present the brand new model on the market.

Graced by the Managing Director of Tecno and VP, Transsion Holdings, owner of the brand, Mr. Stephen Ha, the colorful evening was characterized by runway catwalk by top models with each model introducing the new products.

Both mobile models are particularly made with top quality camera capable of taking photos with high quality resolution, among other related features.

Tecno Phantom 9 device is made with a fashionable manner with Triple 16MP + 8MP + 2MP AI rear camera and 32MP AI front camera, camera that comes with Auto scene recognition and HDR, an 8MP 120 degrees ultrawide angle camera and a 2MP depth sensor for portrait photography. In addition, the Tecno Phantom 9 has a quad LED flash to brighten up night shots and the ability to take pictures up close with up to 2.5cm proximity to the subject.

It also performs fast given that it is made with enough storage capacity of 128GB built-in storage space and 6GB RAM, both of which can help the user to run as many applications and multitask having their device hanging while you can also save many more applications from the app store.

It has a fashionable design in either super full view screen or with great design and can be unlocked using your face or In-display Fingerprint scanner while it helps the user to enjoy a wider viewing angle when gaming, watching videos and editing documents.

Mr. Stephen Ha, said the new phantom 9 is very unique when it comes to taking pictures, especially selfies.

”With the AI triple camera pls other wonderful features, we are proud to say that it was worth the wait. Photography enthusiasts and business professionals will find it a great addition to their work and entertainment toolbox.”

He assured customers that the new phones will give them a better experience of sharing lifestyles with their friends and family relatives with good selfies to create memories adding that Phantom 9 is available at affordable prices and sees it a better choice for customers during the coming festive season of Id – el- Filtr.

The phone is already available at all TECNO Mobile service centres and shops countrywide at N77,000.

The 2017-2018 Brand Africa 100 report, published by African Business magazine, recently ranked Tecno as the 7th most admired brand in Africa, up from 14th in the previous year.

With all of these, TECNO has proven that smartphones can actually be affordable to many Nigerians without compromising quality and experience. I am impressed with this as the pace for mobile innovation in Nigeria is set!.



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