Real reason South East Development Commission bill failed – Senator Tejuoso


Senator Dapo Tejuoso, (APC – Ogun Central), Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, has explained why the South East development commission agency bill was rejected in the House of Representatives.

He explained that there is no basis for the South East zone to ask for a development commission when they were not in a war zone.

He said the North East Development Commission was borne out of the quest to address the ravaged socio-economic situation caused unfortunate activities of the Boko Haram insurgency.

His words: “You see once that request is granted, others will come up with theirs, like southwest development commission agency. Northwest will come up with their own, south-south will come up with their own.

“So everybody will start asking for commission. And what is the commission for? Is it not to develop? Have ministers not been putting southeast in their budget for development?

“The system is working. The issue of this northeast development commission was because of the Boko Haram issue which is peculiar. It is misnomer and the commission will not be forever.

“Once the repairs of damages is done, I’m sure they will revisit the northeast commission because every region must be at the same level, no region must be isolated from development, the northeast commission is under emergency”.

On restructuring, Tejuoso said “For me, I believe what needs to be done if we are going to remain as Nigeria is to allow merit to become more important than ethnic consideration for offices.

“We need our best in Nigeria to be in a position, not that people should be appointed to office because of where they come from; we will not reach our maximum potential if we don’t use our best hands”.

Meanwhile, Tejuoso has called those agitating for Biafra jokers.


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