Python Dance: Kalu sues for peace, calls for respect authority, human rights


Former governor of Abia State and APC South East chieftain has called on the the IPOB Youths to remain law abiding as he consults with the federal authorities and IPOB stakeholders towards finding a common ground to the brewing crisis  in Abia State

Kalu spoke in response to the military presence in the state and the South East and confrontations between the IPOB youths and the federal security forces.

In a statement issued yesterday from Abuja,  Kalu who just returned from the United States said that he has been briefed about the crisis and has switftly begun consultations with federal authorities and leaders of the IPOB  towards brringing calm back to the region .and he calls on both parties to respect the rule of law and rights of citizens

He described the unfolding events as very unfortunate to have degenerated to this level happening in not just the South East region but in his own state which he once governed for eight years, that the Southeast having yet to be fully recovered from the losses of the civil war cannot afford to be subjected to another round of loss of human lives and properties .

He called for calm and stay of actions from both parties that such crisis if not checked may escalate  nationwide.

The former governor recalled that in democracy every group has its fundemental right to express their grievances but such action must follow due process in line with the constitution of the country to avoid breakdown of law and order.

The APC chieftain reintrates the need for peace, that dialogue remains the best solution to solving grievances , while also calling for the need to respect the court orders and pronouncements.


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