President Muhammadu Buhari’s return: Nigerians’ expectations


After over 100-day absence from duty of President Muhammadu Buhari no thanks to medical challenges of Number One citizen, the President returned last week to the country hale and hearty and was warmly welcomed by the citizenry.

During his forced absence, his deputy, then Acting President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo held fort and lived up to his billings. The relative peace being currently enjoyed in the country could be largely attributed to Prof. Osinbajo’s deft performance in office – his countrywide tour of the country’s volatile areas and his visits to perceived aggrieved citizens – example the Niger Delta people, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) where they respected him and sheathed their swords at least for the meantime. Nigerians are grateful to him for his adroitness in tackling these problems.

Now that President Muhammadu Buhari has finally returned to the country, there are some needfuls the citizens would want him to do in earnest for him to continue to enjoy the citizens’ unflinching support as always.

According to this paper, on the priority list is the issue of reshuffle of his cabinet which is long overdue and for which the citizens had been clamouring. It is evident that some of his ministers are either underperforming or dormant: a case in focus is Power, Works and Housing Minister, Mr. Raji Fashola much as he is trying hard to fix power countrywide, electricity had become abysmally worse than when the sector was sold to private companies. Perhaps he should be divested of his number of his ministries.

No matter how, it is humanly impossible for one person to manage three crucial ministries and still perform to the optimum. He should either be moved from the three ministries or be redeployed.

Not much had been seen practically in the agriculture ministry being manned by a technocrat Audu Ogbeh who is widely known to be running the ministry on the pages of newspapers. Ditto for other ministries. Something concrete should be done urgently on the President’s ministers if Nigeria is to come out of recession as promised by Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun and others. Nigerians are already frazzled by the minister’s endless semantics and policy somersaults.

We hereby beam our searchlight on the apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria which is ostensibly underperforming. The bank’s capricious monetary policies are not favourable to the country’s economy or at best favouring the elite. We suggest a change of guards at the bank urgently.

The economy still remains motion without movement and still stagnant.

On security, the President must change his tactics on this crucial issue. Early on his arrival from UK on medical vacation, he ordered the armed forces to crush Boko Haram in different colorations, the IPOB and other violent agitators. Why IPOB we ask? He should allow the IPOB to continue to agitate peacefully while he continues with his countrywide consultations with aggrieved citizens. Crushing the IPOB is a time bomb ready to ignite the whole country.

On restructuring of the country, concerned Nigerians had spoken much on the issue, now that the President is back, he should hearken to the citizens’ clamour and set the machinery in motion for articulate inputs by Nigerians since it is what Nigerians yearn for.

Another volatile issue we would like the President to act upon very urgently is this issue of rampaging frivolous herdsmen who daily kill innocent Nigerians without let or hindrance. It is pathetic to note that the President had neither nipped the madness in the bud nor spoken against it harshly giving vent to the people’s condemnation that the President is advertently protecting his own kinsmen.

Perhaps out of respect for the President, the restive Arewa youths last week cancelled the alleged threat given to the Igbo to quit the North on October 1, 2017.

The country expects much from the President now that he is firmly in the saddle.

Last but not the least is for the President to implement urgently the recommendations of the probe headed by deputy President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo of former Head of Service, Babachir Lawal and Director-General of National Intelligence Agency, Ayo Oke  for financial shenanigans allegedly committed by the functionaries.

In the same vein, the President should take another look at the perceived lopsidedness in the appointment of officials in his government which is widely believed to have favoured certain sections or ethnic groups in the country.

We wish him continuous good health as he settles down to real governance. He should not listen to distractions from enemies of the country who don’t wish this country well.


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