Presidency should be rotated among 6 geo-political zones – Patrick Obahagbon


The former chief of staff to Edo State governor, Patrick Obahiagbon, has said that for Nigeria to attain to greatness, she must create a stable ground for economic justice, rule of law and permit ‘presidency’ to be rotational for a period of time among the six known geo-political zones in the country

He stated this while featuring in Good Morning Nigeria breakfast show on NTA.

Obahiagbon equally said that supremacy of the law, constitutionalism, federalizing security matters and giving legal teeth to restructuring and devolution of powers to states and local governments will not only make Nigeria move forward but to be first to attain greatness amongst nations.

He urged government to re-visit and adopt the 2014 national confab and organize a meeting for Islams (Muslims) and Christians whom he said had constituted quantum of problems in the nation building by struggling for religious hegemony and political supremacy.

He said: “I believe we need to have an incremental devolution of powers and that is the only way to go.

“The Presidency of the country should be rotated for a period of time among the six geo-political regions.

“You must equally federalize security matters. A situation where Abuja sits in mountain Olympus and expects that they know grassroots policing is no longer realizable.”


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