Police launch investigation into wife killing husband, 3 kids in Benue


By Titus Atondu, Makurdi
The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) DSP Moses Yamu, Benue State Command has said that investigations have been launched in a case of murder of five members of a family in the state.
Neighbours to the family said the Police were called to discover Nicholas Adetsav, his wife and three kids in a pool of blood in their apartment at No. 6 Vandeikya Street Makurdi, the state capital, late Friday.
Nigerian NewsDirect gathered that Rachael, Adetsav’s is alleged to have committed the crime.
A source alleged that the three children were drugged before being slaughtered while the man was killed with a pestle before Rachael shot herself with a shot gun.
But one lawyer, named Polycarp Aande said in a statement that, “This woman (Rachael) had a penchant for violence. A very die-hard vicious woman.
“On one of her outings, she fought a co-tenant and they ended up in my office, from the B-Divison Police Station to court.
“They retained my legal services and while briefing me, I pointedly told the husband (now deceased) that it was a bad case since both the wife and the co- tenant were arraigned in court. I advised that it was needless insisting because she compromised her right by her action.
“The couple wanted me to do magic and I told them that amicable resolution was the best option. They left my office in anger and sought legal counsel elsewhere. I am sure the matter is still pending in court.
“Mr. Nick (Nicholas) Adetsav lived in perpetual harassment and anguish. The woman’s attitude was quite intolerable and menacing. Nick was in hell on earth. He is simply a victim of bad choice. May his soul and his kids find rest.”
However, Henry Sesugh denied that his aunt cannot commit such a crime.
He wrote on his Facebook page: “Just yesterday (Friday), stories emerged about a woman killing her husband, three kids and herself in Makurdi, and I asked how can a woman kill her husband and children?
“Without even thinking about the love they have shared, I never thought it’s my own relative, only to be told today that aunty Rachael committed such an act against humanity.
“But I still want to know exactly what happened because no human in her right senses will do that. I implore the Nigeria police to carry out a thorough investigation on this matter.
“My aunty that I know is harmless and cannot do this.”


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