PDP youths threaten showdown against Makarfi, Sheriff factions, give party 45 days to hold convention


A coalition of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, young leaders, on Monday gave the Ahmed Makarfi and the Ali Modu Sheriff’s factions 45-days ultimatum to set in place modalities for conducting a national convention.

The youths in a statement signed by Anthony Ehilebo of Rethink Nigeria and Mrs. Obianuju Ogoko of PDP E-Women Network warned both factions that failure to meet their demands, will result to the mobilization of the party’s youths “en-mass to withdraw their support for the party.”

A statement titled, “PDP Leadership Crisis: A Call to Order” obtained by newsmen reads, “The importance and relevance of young people to the evolution and development of Politics in today’s world cannot be over emphasised.

“As far as elections in Nigeria are concerned, young people account for an overwhelming majority of the voter population at all levels.

“The 2011 General Elections data from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) indicates that over 70% of aggregate voters consists young people and women. The 2015 Elections followed a similar trend.

“The relevance of young people in elections is equally shown in the voter statistics obtained from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa. Data for the South African elections held in May 2014 indicates that young people accounted for more than 58% of the total voter population.

“In view of the aforementioned statistics, it is pertinent that young people play a front-line role in the determination of the affairs of Political Parties of which our great Party, the PDP is no exception.

“This is especially in the light of the current leadership imbroglio which has engulfed our great Party for a while now.

“The leadership crisis occasioned by the Sherrif/Makarfi impasse has impeded the progress of the Party while denying Nigeria and Nigerians the right to a vibrant and credible opposition to the current APC government at a time when our dear Country is ravaged by:




  1. Blatant abuse of fundamental human rights.

E.Unprecedented levels of unemployment

  1. Incessant kidnapping due to economic hardship

G.Nepotism, marginalization, ethnic jingoism and crass favouritism.

  1. Mindless butchery of innocent citizens across the nation (Just to mention a few).

“We have carefully and painstakingly listened to and studied the narratives from both factions and have come to the conclusion that the major reason for the quagmire we have found ourselves in was largely due to the insistence of some party members on playing “god” for personal gratification over common interest.

“This quandary continues to defy the prospect of achieving a peaceful resolution as it is obvious that the motivation of both parties is the “winner takes all” syndrome and not the common good.

“We have for long sat back and allowed our leaders the opportunity to find a lasting and sustainable solution to this leadership dilemma.

Regrettably it has become evident that they have failed to articulate a firm solution to this problem, hence the need to intervene with clear and concise lines of action that would save our party from continued political irrelevance imminent extinction.

“So therefore, we collectively request that the following lines of action be adopted as a workable solution to the prolonged crisis.

“That all factions meet immediately to discuss the modalities for conducting a National Convention unfailingly within 45 days from today.

“That all convention committees must include a total of 60% of young people with unquestionable integrity who would monitor the electoral process and ensure fairness and equity for all contestants irrespective of their affiliation.

“That both parties meet and provide to the party in writing, a resolution on their terms of involvement in the convention and also affirm to accept and abide by the outcome of the convention.

“In the spirit of the “NO VICTOR, NO VANQUISHED” declaration by both factions prior to the Port Harcourt appeal court judgment, we call on all factions to shelve their indignations and personal interests and work towards ensuring the resurgence of the PDP as a viable opposition well poised to to re-take power from the inept administration of the current APC government.

“We must state categorically that non-compliance to these lines of action will leave us with no option than to mobilise PDP youth en masse across the nation to withdraw their support for the party.

“We remain loyal members of the PDP, committed to selfless service to Nigeria and to our great Party, the Peoples Democratic Party!”


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