PDP South Africa chair urges youths to stand against slave trade


The Chairman, People Democratic Party, (PDP), South Africa Chapter, Hon Ekos Akpokabayen has called on Africa youth to stand against inhumane act or any form of slave trade happening around the world.

Akpokabayen, who made this known in his New Year message issued to The Nation yesterday in Lagos, said that in 2017, we all witnessed slave trade in Libya. I stand strong against this inhumane act and we hope that never again should we see this kind of acts in our world.

He said “I believe in a world where we must continue to find solutions and create opportunities to solve our needs as humans in the knowing that we are all created equal and no being is superior to the other”.

He noted that in Europe we have seen the rise of young leaders and I call on all young people in Africa to become active with the intention to lead our various countries and industries out of its current situations.

He said “I am more ever hopeful for Africa despite all its challenges, we are making positive strides but we cannot afford to relent or slow down. The young must move faster and lead”.

Akpokabayen added that we have seen our world shift in technology advancement highlighting our ideological barometer either to the right, left or middle. I believe in a balanced middle, where first of all our planet which is our home should be taken care of as Climate change is a reality.

“We should not fall into the trap of ignoring our responsibility in giving a helping hand to the needy, disabled, the sick, the old, orphaned children, homeless, poor and refugees because of our everyday life challenges”, he said.

He stressed that in the beginning of this New Year, we should re-examine our commitment in making this world a better place for a sustained and common humanity.

He said “in this New Year, I will continue to fight for this principles, ideas and beliefs in my daily life and political activities to see that I add my little push to see this reality actualized”.

He opined that we should not let anything deter us from our goal and the truth, as from the words of Nelson Mandela; “It always seems impossible, until it is done”.


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