PDP defectors to APC are thieves – PDP Chieftain


….says APC selective in fighting corruption

By Samuel Ibiyemi

The former National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Engineer Adedeji Doherty has described defectors from the party to All Progressives Congress (APC) as thieves. The statement is a follow up to questions asked by Nigerian NewsDirect about his response to mass defection by legislators at the National Assembly and other former political office holders that served during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Engineer Doherty who was Lagos State governorship aspirant of PDP  in 2007, 2011 and 2015 during the interview  said that any politician that left the PDP for APC is a thief looking for money to grab in APC either through contract award or secure political office appointment.

He explained that  these politicians used the PDP platform to secure political appointment in the past so as to get what they need through the party and from the treasury of the Federal Government.

Beside, he noted that most of them have petitions  filed since the time when PDP was luring national party with the EFCC  and ICPC.

Lamenting that there is no short cut to good governance, Doherty pointed out that any politician who is doing the right thing for the people who voted for him and his political party will not defect from the PDP to APC.

“It is either you are good with the passion of the people that voted for you as a politician at heart or don’t have the passion for them. Anyone who is worth its salt and believe that he is sinking with the people and the people really voted for him will not defect. If a politician is doing the right thing to his people at the grassroots with his position and believe that he is doing the right thing with his political party; believe that he does not have skeleton in his  cupboard; believe he is  clean and worthy of the position he occupied, then such a politician will not defect,” he assured.

Doherty added that if certain analysts  consider it as a political game, there is nothing like that beside corruption. According to him, “If the defection is to remain in office, it means it is a do-or-die affair which is not really good for the people that  voted for the politician but for the selfish reasons. So, the person is a thief. Any person (check the antecedent) that left PDP for the APC is a thief. All of them that left PDP are all looking for political office. They used the party platform to the position they occupied. It is not possible for the APC to give them ticket in 2019.It is not possible. They are going to miss it.

For the defectors, Doherty explained that APC will not give them the ticket except they go to another party. He vowed that  if they come back to the PDP, they will have to start all over from the beginning. If the APC should give them the ticket , they will be doing disservice not only to the party but the nation.

In the current anti-graft campaign  by Buhari administration, he stated that ,the current administration was selective in fighting corruption when considering the issue of the EFCC Acting Chairman Ibrahim Magu and SGF Babachir Lawal. This was unlike the practice during the administration of PDP when ICPC and EFCC were created to investigate and prosecute corrupt individuals within the PDP.” From the time of Obasanjo till the exit of Jonathan , several corrupt politicians including friends of Obasanjo such as Late Sunday Afolabi were prosecuted and jailed.

He lamented that no member of APC had been prosecuted or jailed for corruption except the PDP members.

He described the crisis in PDP as age-long as a result of the preference of the leaders to choose politicians who are either selected based on size of wealth or ability to behave like a thug. We have leaders within the PDP thinking mainly about themselves and nobody else. We don’t have leaders that are selfless in this country.

With respect to the leadership crisis in PDP, he faulted Gov Ayo Fayose on the roles of governors as leaders of the PDP. He said the governors mainly leaders of the party in their various states and not at the national level of PDP. The governors according to him must work in tandem with their chairmen of the party at various states. The chairman is the leader of the state apparatus. Governors come and go.

He noted that the transformation of several governors to Senators does not show a vibrancy of a good democratic system. This is because such senators are still collecting salaries, pension, free food, free driver and cars till death. They should allow others to contest as senators.


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