PDP crisis: Why party is now ready for 2019 – Senator Fatimat Raji-Rasaki


Chairman of the Senate Committee on TRADE AND INVESTMENT, Senator Fatimat Raji-Rasaki, has declared that impunity will no longer be allowed in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

She said the Court of Appea’sl judgment which affirmed Senator Ali Modu Sheriff as the National Chairman has afforded the party an opportunity to put its house in order ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Mrs. Raji-Rasaki spoke on Saturday in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital at the end of a three-day Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capacity building training she organized for 100 beneficiaries in Ekiti Central senatorial district.

The federal lawmaker noted that the Appeal Court judgment has given the PDP a new lease of life and a sense of direction, expressing sadness that impunity, lawlessness, violation of the party’s constitution and abuse of power negatively affected the party’s fortunes.

She said the PDP will emerge from the crisis stronger and become a party that will allow equity, justice, fair play, adherence to due process and the principles of democracy.

Mrs. Raji-Rasaki, who is also a lawyer, expressed satisfaction that the judiciary intervened and resolved the crises rocking the party both at Ekiti chapter and national level by affirming Chief Williams Ajayi as the authentic state chairman and Sheriff as the national chairman.

She said some individuals in the party turned it into their personal property to the extent that party congresses and primary election to elect candidates were hijacked instead of allowing party members to choose candidate of their choice.

The senator said: “Crisis in any political party is part of democracy because we disagree to agree. We, the authentic PDP, are being led by Ali Modu Sheriff and we thank God that the court judgment has put an end to impunity in our party.

“Impunity is one thing that destroys any organization or association where people have decided and subscribed to rules and regulations guiding them. It is a pity that some people turned the party to a place where one person will corner everything and turn it to a PLC.

“A party is supposed to be where everybody has his say because we are in a democracy. In Ekiti, the authentic exco has won in court as well so in PDP, we have no option than to obey the rule of law.

 “At the national level, the authentic exco backed by the law is led by Sheriff and the Wadata Plaza National Secretariat has now been opened.”

Responding to a question on whether the crisis will not affect the party as the 2019 general election approaches, Senator Rasaki said: “It will not affect our chances at all. Sheriff has entered the secretariat and things will begin to take new shape.

“Now that Sheriff is the legal occupant of the place, any action or directive he gives in collaboration with his National Working Committee, is binding and has the force of law. From there, we will organize ourselves and things will take shape.

“But we must say that the impunity in our party must stop. You remember what happened at the Port Harcourt convention; how can you have a chairman who has the power to convoke a convention and you go behind and change the whole thing in Port Harcourt?

“You want to hold election for positions that are not vacant? Their action in Port Harcourt led us to where we now find ourselves but now that the court has spoken on the matter, we are happy for it.


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