PDP crisis has been resolved – Bashir Madugu


The National Legal Adviser of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Barrister Bashir Madugu, has said that the leadership disagreement of the party has now been resolved by the courts.

He said this in Abuja while addressing the media over the crisis rocking the party for over one year.

Madugu said that the Appeal Court ruling that affirmed Ali Modu Sheriff as national chairman was a final judgement that conferred both legitimacy and legality to him and all the members of National Working Committee (NWC) of the party; adding that those who insisted that the PDP still had some lingering crisis that needed resolution were simply latching onto old wounds and expressing their personal opinions.

He said that the reason Sheriff has insisted on getting a right convention before handing over the leadership of the party was because the a court of competent jurisdiction had earlier stopped anybody from organizing any convention in the PDP but some members of the party went ahead and held a convention in Port-Harcourt which amounted to impunity and contempt of court.

The national legal adviser of the PDP, while admitting that those who are still aggrieved are entitled to make appeals in relevant courts, urged members of the party not lose their sense of objectivity and truth simply because they hate those legally affirmed as leaders of the party.

He said: “As far as the PDP is concerned, the crisis has been resolved by the Court of Appeal. The judgement is not an ordinary injunction; not an ordinary ruling. It is a final judgement of the Appeal Court. It has given legitimacy to Ali Modu Sheriff and his National Working Committee to continue in office until a credible convention is held to elect the national officers to run the affair of the party. And to talk as if there is still crisis in the party is wrong.

“There are minor disagreements with regards to leadership of the party but it has been resolved by the court. But as far as this issue is concerned, the Appeal Court has decided and Ali Modu Sheriff is the national chairman of the PDP and he is going to take custody of all the assets and liabilities of the party,

one of which he did on Thursday which is the Wadata Plaza. He has gained access to the Wadata plaza that is what is actually required of him.

” Until the Supreme Court decides, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff remains the National Chairman of PDP, and he is entitled to take possession of the all the assets and liabilities of the party.

“The reason why Sheriff insisted on getting a right convention is because the controversial convention of May 21st, 2016 was illegal. It has being declared illegal and on the 12th of May 2016. A court had stopped anybody from organizing any convention in the PDP and some members of the party went ahead and held a convention. It is not going to work out.

“I will authoritatively tell you that there was a judgement in Abuja on the 18th of May by Justice Mohammed J.; which preserved 18 officers including members of the NWC and their deputies. I am telling you the position of fact – the situation on ground, and on the 21st of May, the Makarfi group went ahead and purportedly conducted a convention. So, How can it stand?

 “Again, there was a judgement in Lagos by Justice Buba J.; that three offices including the national chairman, national auditor, and national secretary, must not be occupied by anybody.

“The aggrieved members of the party are entitled to appeal the rulings of the Appeal Court. As it is now the court has decided that Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is the national Chairman of the PDP, and that his team that was purportedly sacked in 21st of May last year should be intact.

“Governors Nyesom Wike and Ayo Fayose are talking for themselves, because they have their opinions. Honestly, I have to tell this. Ali Modu Sheriff has expressed very clearly by himself to the media that he is

not going to stay, and that he is going to make sacrifices in the interest of the party so that unity can return.

“I want Nigerians, not only PDP members to focus on the fact that Ali Modu Sheriff said clearly that all of us will make sacrifices to ensure that PDP comes together and convention to be held as soon as possible. What is happening to people? People should not lose their minds simply because they hate some persons.”


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