Pay your debt, Kano State tells Glo


By Bukola Olanrewaju

Kano state government has accused telecommunication giant, Globacom Nigeria of allegedly owing them the sum of N928,150,000 over the installation of masts and Right of Way permit for laying optic fibre cables  across the state.

The Nigerian telecom-munication company has owed the state and has refused to pay its debt of more than 12 years, said Kano State Government.

According to the State Director, Legal Services and Enforcement, Adamu s. Mohammed, “Various efforts have been made to examine the records of the company in order to establish if the company had actually paid off its liabilities and reach a consensus but Glo has not been very co-operative with the state”.

He stated that, Glo refusing the state government to examine its records is a way of evading taxes which is its statutory obligation to Kano State Government. Adamu also said, “On 18th October, 2017, Glo was invited to appear before a dialogue committee that was set up but they did not show up until 15th November, 2017”.

Kano state government had made the outcry that other telecommunication orga-nizations which are not indigenous have been faithful in their discharge of duties and fulfilling its obligation to the state.

Nigerian-owned telecom firm, Glo, has been among the ones who impoverished the state.

“We are going to give Glo the chance till the end of this year to pay off its debt after which the state government shall explore all available legal remedies at its disposal to shut down the operation of the company in Kano State by seizing all the facilities of Glo and its sites inclusive until its debts are fully paid”, said Kano State Government.


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