Pastors matchet brother-in-law in Ogun over church space


Two pastors of God of Possibilities Church, Chukwuka Stephen, 43 and Ejim Stephen, 39, have been arrested for killing their brother-in-law, Peter Chukwuyem, in Ogun State.

The suspects committed the offence on February 5, 2019, and arrested on February 24. The deceased married the suspects’ elder sister and brought them to live with his family from their village in Delta State.

The suspects were said to have converted the frontage of the man’s home at Papa Ibafo in Ogun State, to a church, which the deceased found unpleasant and chased them away.

As a result of that, the brothers matcheted Peter to death at his farm on the evening of February 5, 2019. It was when the deceased didn’t return on time that his wife traced him to the farm and met his dead body.

She subsequently went to Ibafo police station where she lodged complaint. The two brothers were later arrested on account of the two daughters of the deceased who informed the police that they saw them earlier in their father’s farm.

On interrogation, the two suspects confessed to the crime. They said they did it because he deprived them of continuing using of his frontage for their church activities.


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