Pastor who kills girlfriend, buried her inside church in police net.


…says he donated her as ransom to an occultic group.

Bankole Taiwo, Abeokuta

Ogun State police command has arrested one Pastor Elijah Oluwatobiloba, who allegedly killed his woman lover and buried her inside his church at Ewekoro via Abeokuta. Also paraded alongside Pastor Oluwatobiloba was one Pastor Daniel Sopeju alleged to have be an accomplice in this dastard act.

Parading the suspects at the scene of the crime, the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, said the command had received a report of missing person at the divisional headquarters in Ewekoro.

The Commissioner stated that one Adebola Saheed had reported that his younger sister, Mrs Raliat Sanni, 35 years old, left home since March 21 and yet to return.

Iliyasu noted that on the strength of the report, the police operatives at Ewekoro division led by SP. Oluwarotimi Jeje, the Divisional Police Officer, swung into action and embarked on technical intelligence investigation.

“Upon discreet analysis of facts surrounding the disappearance of the victim, the last person who was seen with the missing person was uncovered, and that person happened to be Pastor Elijah  Oluwatobiloba.

“The pastor is in charge of Cherubim & Seraphim white garment church Elebute area of Ewekoro.

The headless remains of Mrs Raliat Sanni

“The so called ‘Pastor’ was promptly arrested and thoroughly interrogated.

“In the course of interrogation, the pastor confessed to killing the victim and buried her inside his church after removing her head and two hands for reasons only known to him and God’’.

“The suspect also mentioned one Pastor Daniel Sopeju, of Iyana  Egbado, who we are parading with him as his accomplice.

“This is the height of wickedness that can be meted out to a fellow human being. It will interest you to know that the victim was a ‘’Secret Lover’’ to the pastor who eventually hacked her to death, ” he said.

The Commissioner said it had been the resolve of the command to ensure that perpetrators of this type of heinous crime would not go unpunished.

He said that Forensic investigation into the case had commenced and the case would eventually be charged to court.

“This is another breakthrough resulting from painstaking technical Intelligence Investigation aiming at wiping out crime in our society as well as bringing to justice those who are adamant in making Crime as their business.

“I appeal to the people to always be watchful of those they associate with and always disclose their movements to at least one person close to them no matter how confidential the movement, in order to prevent occurrence of this type of dastardly act, ” he said.

Speaking to journalist, Oluwatobiloba said that he was not the one that killed the woman, but Pastor Daniel Sopeju by cutting off her head and two hands.

The suspect, an Accounting and Commerce teacher at Methodist high school, Private, Arigbajo, revealed that he was forced by Sopeju and his Occultic group to join their association.

He revealed that the victim was killed in the process of her initiation as a member of the Occultic group.

“It was not me that killed the woman, it was Sopeju and a woman that introduce me to him, they said that they wanted to make an occultic covenant and that they will collect ransom.

“So, they collected the names of my church members and picked the woman.

“Having mentioned her name, they asked me where she was living and I told them, so, on March 21 around 11pm, one of them came to knock my door at my residence saying that some people are waiting for me in the church.

“On getting there, I saw Sopeju and the woman that introduced me to him with some other seven Occultic members that I cannot identify, those ones were putting on black and red robe with seven calabash.

“I asked Sopeju how they got there because I did not see any vehicle, I also saw the woman I gave her name to them, I saw the woman with them, and her face was covered with a red cloth.

“Sopeju removed a knife and beheaded the woman and after beheading her, he put the blood of the woman in the seven calabash the people were holding.

“And I was asking him that you did not say you were going to kill the woman, but he said it was the way they were going to do it and that they could not tell me everything that they were going to do at that very place.

“After collecting the blood, he removed the woman head completely and her hands.

“It was on Sunday morning that I saw a place that was cracked beside the church room, on getting there, I removed the sand because I was suspicious that something was there.

“It was then I discover the body of the woman and the cloth they use to cover her.

“Truly, I was not supposed to join them, but it was a threat that my members would be dying that if they have told me and I refuse to join them.

“The reason they did not pick my wife and daughter, they said I cannot use my blood, if I have sexual intercourse with the woman; they would not have use that woman.

The victim was a member of my church, though not a regular member. I don’t know how those items they claimed they recovered from my house got there. I really regretted my actions


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